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Indie Talk shines a light on emerging independent artists from all over the world in every music genre to help you discover great independent music that you won't find on mainstream radio! Delve into our podcasts, explore music reviews and interviews, and stay updated with the latest independent music news. Discover your next favorite artist on Indie Talk!

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 We welcome artists, managers, pr agents, and record labels to join our podcast. If you are interested in being featured,  please visit BWH Studio's marketplace. 

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Meet the Host

Bryon William Harris "BWH" is President of BWH Music Group & BWH Studio.  BWH Studio is a premier go-to solution for artist seeking quality mixing and mastering while BWH Music Group  offers music release promotions.  The artists on the BWH roster have been recognized by Billboard, the Grammy's, and  dozens of music award organizations. BWH is a gifted studio engineer who hails from a Grammy award-winning family. Recognized for his 5-octave vocal range, he has trained vocally with the best coaches in the world: in New York City (The Met) ; in New Haven (Yale University), Boston (The Boston Conservatory); and in Italy (The International Lyric Academy). BWH has won numerous vocal and studio awards, and he has performed in professional operas and theaters around the world. This is the kind of ear your music deserves.

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