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2021 W.A.M. Award Winners Announced

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

The 2021 W.A.M. Awards Announce Winners for "Best Song" in 18 Categories (Austin, Texas& Worldwide )

The W.A.M. Awards ("We Are the Music Makers Awards") are proud to announce the 2021 W.A.M. Awards Winners. The W.A M. Awards celebrate the year’s most outstanding independent artists from around the world in multiple genres and categories. "Best Song" winners were judged on Artistry, Musicianship, Originality, Professionalism, Diversity, and Excellence. Over 5,000 artists entered The W.A.M. Awards this year making the 2021 Winners a showcase of extraordinary talent.

"We are the Music Makers and We are the Dreamers of Dreams."


W.A.M. GRAND PRIZE WINNER The Grand Prize Award was granted to Mothé for "Summers Almost Gone." Mothé is made up of both Spencer Fort (Vocalist/Guitarist) and Luke Gonzalez (Drum) who previously worked on the musical project Moth Winks. They formed in 2020 and have been hard at work not just on their own music, but also writing for and working with other artists as well. They have come a long way since their time in Moth Wings, and more recently they’ve been releasing singles that are eventually going to be part of an album coming out later in 2021. "Summer’s Almost Gone" is the latest of these singles.

THE 2021 W.A.M. IMPACT AWARD The 2021 W.A.M. Impact Award was granted to Bible Belt Blues. The Impact Award is given to an artist who works tirelessly in pursuit of their mission – not for recognition or reward, but to simply make the world a better place. Harold and Paula Vega Vondenstein are Bible Belt Blues, an award-winning gospel blues duo from Gulfport, Mississippi. Known for their bold, biblically sound lyrics, Bible Belt Blues is setting the stage for a new wave of Christian music crafted to be an evangelical tool where the lyrics take center stage. Bible Belt Blues has won numerous awards and accolades including the 2019 Josie Music Award for Gospel/Christian Duo, the 2020 W.A.M. Music Award for Best Lyrics for Gospel/Christian Song, three InterContinental Music Award nominations for Gospel/Christian-America (2 for 2020 and 1 for 2021), a 2021 Josie Music Award nomination for Album of the Year for their 2nd album "My God, My God,” and two 2021 W.A.M. Music Award nominations. HERSONG FEMALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR

The HerSong 'Female Artist of the Year' was granted to Natalie Jean for "We Rise." NatalieJean is an award winning, multi-nominated singer/songwriter performer. She is also a Voting Member in the Recording Academy (GRAMMYS). NatalieJean is a versatile performer and singer. She sings and writes for many genres , such as Jazz, Pop, R&B, Blues, World, Rock, Country, Americana, Inspirational, Adult Contemporary, Alternative, and, Dance. She can also sing in French, Spanish, English, and Haitian Creole.

GOLD AWARD WINNERS​ Cynthia Basinet - Eventually (Adult Contemporary)

Jennifer Porter - Sun Come and Shine (Americana / Bluegrass / Blues / Roots) Brei Carter - Gave Him A Girl (Country)

Coast 2 Coast Ft. The Fantastic Gems - What's Going on 2021? (Cover Song) Don Castor -Redemption (Radio Edit) (Dance / Electronica) Ida Maree - All Glory and Honour (Gospel / Christian )

Juice TheBlackBeethoven - I Wanna See You Smile This Christmas (Holiday) ​George Ko - Nectarines (Instrumental)

Doble De - Que Sientes Tu (Latin)

Kylie Rothfield - Ghost (Love Song)

I Miss My Death - Господар (Metal / Hardcore)

Robert Jude Romero - Earth Bound Angels (Pandemic Song)

Mothé - Summers Almost Gone - (Pop) ​Latasha Lee - What Happened to Us - (R & B)

DICI - Vector - (Hip Hop / Rap)

Glass House Point - All to Rest - (Rock)

Maureen Toth and Jim McGorman - Running While Standing Still (Singer-Songwriter)

Copus - We All Bleed Red (Steady for Justice) (Social Justice / Peace)

Reggae Force - Calling (World / Reggae)

SILVER AWARD WINNERS Pauline Frechette - Love in the Afternoon ​(Adult Contemporary)

Kate Magdalena - A Larger Dance ​(Adult Contemporary)

Happy Curmudgeons - I Know How You Feel (Americana / Bluegrass / Blues / Roots)

Wild Horses - Little Black Dress (Americana / Bluegrass / Blues / Roots) Brandon Lee - If You Get Any Closer (Country)

Ida Maree - How Can You Mend a Broken Heart (Cover Song)

Natalie Jean and Danilo Gossain - Come Together (Cover Song) Kendra Erika - Rapture (Dance / Electronica) Iryne Rock - Let It Rise To You (Gospel / Christian )

Shallon Tore'- Glow (Gospel / Christian )

Nadia Vaeh - Christmas Cards (Holiday)

Pauline Frechette - Winter's Tale (Holiday) Pauline Frechette - A Quiet Walk in the Snow (Instrumental)

Chris Milo - Amor Venenoso (Latin)

Nicki Kris Ft. Kitt Wakeley - Is This Love (Love Song)

For We Are Many - Seraphim (Metal / Hardcore)

Izzy Burns - Life Behind the Glass (Pandemic Song)

Pippo Beats - She Bad (Pop) Nyasia Chane'l - Good Good (R & B)

Fluid - Right There (Hip Hop / Rap)

Echo 2 Locate- Corkscrew (Rock)

Brooke Hatala - Feeling My Way(Singer-Songwriter)

Caitlin Rushing - Mexico (Singer-Songwriter)

Minister Michael Norman - Can't Breathe (Social Justice / Peace)

Ras Minano - Womba (World / Reggae)


Jennifer Porter - Bitter New York Night (Adult Contemporary)​

Sarah Christine (Ft. Taylor Tuke) -Vices ​(Adult Contemporary)

baby chemist - I'll Still Be Here (Americana / Bluegrass / Blues / Roots)

Kate Magdalena - Canyonlands (Americana / Bluegrass / Blues / Roots)

JC Andersen - I Go Out (Country)

baby chemist - What's Up?(Cover Song)

Derrick T. Lewis - Every Second (Make It Count) (Dance / Electronica) Katy Crawford - You Are Holy (Gospel / Christian ) Annemarie Picerno - Mr. Santa (Holiday)

Hasani Arthur Ft Damien dame-o Hodges- Brooklyn Night (Instrumental)

Orchestra Fuego - Piensa Con El Corazon (Latin)

Caitlin Rushing - Everything I Can't Be (Love Song)

Malxolm Brixhouse - Mama (Metal / Hardcore)

Leo Ganza - Pandemic (Pandemic Song)

Logan Alexandria - Comfort in the Pain (Pop) AgapeSoul - Noody But You Ft. Maysa Leak (R & B)

Don Staxks - Brooklyn (Hip Hop / Rap)

Mothé - Wrong Places (Rock)

Kate Magdalena - Lake Isle of Innisfree (Singer-Songwriter)

Nolen & Friends - Sea Level Stomp (Social Justice / Peace)

Kate Magdalena - Streets of Any Town (Social Justice / Peace)

VANCE - Room For That (World / Reggae)


Amber Rae Dunn - Ryan's Song (Adult Contemporary)​

baby chemist - Ride In (Adult Contemporary)​

Clear the Benches - Somewhere Beautiful Now (Americana / Bluegrass / Blues / Roots)

Jeremy Parsons - Masquerade (Americana / Bluegrass / Blues / Roots)

Tar & Flowers - Rumor (Americana / Bluegrass / Blues / Roots)

BigTime Grain Company - Sunday Morning (Country)

Harrison Country - Ain't the Beer Cold! (Country)

Sean Holcomb - American Dream (Country)

Jennifer Morgan - Pissed Off Southern Girl (Country)

Matt Westin - The Thin Blue Line(Country)

Bible Belt Blues - House of the Rising Sun (Cover Song)

Cole Quest and The City Pickers - Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key (Cover Song)

Kate Magdalena - Take Me to Church (Cover Song)

KC Johns - Black Dog (Cover Song)

Guy Renardeau - Dance Feel (Dance / Electronica)

Mrs. X - Criminals For Dancers (Dance / Electronica) Bible Belt Blues - Unstoppable (Gospel / Christian )

PreacherMan - Ain't Going Nowhere (Gospel / Christian )

Sounds of Imani - Come Praise the Lord (Gospel / Christian )

Richard Lynch - He'll Make Everything Alright (Gospel / Christian )

Perry Michael Allen - Club House Jam (Instrumental)

Adam & Adam - Great Castle Wall (Instrumental)

Madu - Dengo (Spanish Version) (Latin)

Ceda Gaz Musique Banafrik - Minha Mente (Latin)

The Watters - Let Me Know (Love Song)

Undecided Future - Condensation (Love Song)

Modernwelfare - Walls (Metal / Hardcore)

Sydney Cope - The Sounds (Pandemic Song)

I Ya Toyah - Pray (Pandemic Song)

Coia - Til' the Stars Come Down (Pop) Sam Cary - Bitter (Pop)

Emily Cole - Dumb (Pop)

Nadia Veah - Spellbinding (Pop) Lori Williams - Our Love Is Real (R & B)

Jennifer Porter - Show Me Your Love (R & B)

Jay "Blue Jay" Jourden - Don't Do It (R & B)

222 Unique - Party (Hip Hop / Rap)

The Infamous Joov - F.W.Y. (Hip Hop / Rap)

FM Benji - Up (Hip Hop / Rap)

Melted Vinyl - Beyond (Rock)

Samsara - Filthy Habit (Rock)

Abby K - I Thought That I Loved You (Rock)

Katie Angie - Fond of You (Singer-Songwriter)

Natalie Jean - We Rise (Singer-Songwriter)

Kiera Lyons - It Goes (Singer-Songwriter)

Phoenix - Stone in my Shoe (Singer-Songwriter)

Deanna DeMola - Next Generation (Social Justice / Peace)

Jackie Gibson - My Eyes Are Open (Social Justice / Peace)

Terence Blade - Forward (Live) (Social Justice / Peace)

The CooLots - BLK GLD (Social Justice / Peace)

Abijah - Global Wilderness ​(World / Reggae)

Tende Kasha - Shining Star(World / Reggae)

For more information on the W.A.M. Awards, please visit their website.


Contact: Bryon William Harris "BWH" President, BWH Music Group Executive Director, W.A.M. Awards



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