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3Mind Blight Releases New Song - "Breaking Down"

3Mind Blight's New Song, "Breaking Down," Is A Call To Action For Mental Health Awareness.

(Tulsa, Oklahoma)

About 'Breaking Down"

3Mind Blight's new song "Breaking Down" is about society and how the effects of anxiety, depression and mental illness can influence daily living.

The song presents ever-changing elements of metal, rapcore, rap-metal seamlessly blending these genres and styles together. With dynamic vocals and meaningful lyrics, "Breaking Down" is a welcome release from 3Mind Blight.

The song " is 3Mind Blight's first full release in almost a year. The song will be available in all stores and streaming sites mid April.

Listen on on Soundcloud now.

"Watch as I fall -Can Not recall what I used to be Before they used up me. I feel like I slowly will drown. I think I'm breaking down" - Lyrics, "Breaking Down"

All production, mixing, mastering, lyrics, vocals, and performance was done by Michael Boucher (A.K.A 3Mind Blight).


About 3Mind Blight

Hailing from Tulsa Oklahoma, 3Mind Blight attributes their humble beginnings to the late 90'sh Boom Bap Rap and Grunge Rock scene. His early influences paved the way for a rock / hip hop vibe that can be heard in his music.

After leading several bands, and many production teams, what started as a hobby became a full time music career in production, instrumentation, and artistry.

3Mnd Blight is also the front man for the Alt Rock band DeadEyeChokeHold under the 3Mind Blight Label.

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