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A.B.C. (allboutcash) Cutthroat - A-List Rapper from Louisville, KY

February 11, 2019 - (Louiseville, Kentucky)

Mohammad Ali aka “The Greatest. Like the professional boxer from Kentucky, native Cutthroat, short for A.B.C. (allboutcash) Cutthroat also strives to be the greatest…as an A-list rapper in the hip hop community. Inspired by American rappers YounbBoy or legends like Meek Mill, ABC Cutthroat isn’t just passing by, he is a new heavy-hitter in Louisville who is here to stay and break out nationally.

Following up his well-received Rambo Volume 1 Mixtape, A.B.C. Cutthroat will be dropping his anticipated project, Rambo Volume 2 in 2019. The debut Rambo mixtape was inspired by the tragic death of his Cousin who was shot and killed in the raw and violent rough streets of Louisville. The Rambo mixtape pays tribute - through the story of the streets and the master skills of A.B. C. Cutthroat – to the memory of Fernando "Rambo" Bowman.

There was a time when Louisville meant one thing – Ali – but now, Cutthroat hopes to elevate the hip hop scene and show the world that there is room for another great success story because whether it’s sports or music, the best can rise to the top. A.B.C. Cutthroat has linked with inspiring CEO's and mentors including Kenneth Mccallum aka Mr. Network and Glynis Mccallum aka Geegee the star-maker or Brookline Entertainment. The collaboration has been a success yielding Cutthroat’s debut as a solo artist. A.B. C. Cutthroat is currently promoting his single, “I Can See It” , where he is getting heavy rotation on National Indie Radio (WNIR)

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