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'A Dream Wrapped In A Nightmare.' The Cautionary Tale of Cox McQueen.

February 11, 2019 ( Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom)

'We challenge anyone to attempt anything this adventurous from an unsigned, standing start and pull it off as well.' Sharam Gill's new CD, the Cautionary Tale of Cox McQueen, is already getting predictions of international stardom. Based in England, UK, Gill formerly fronted the band Panjaea and released solo material too. He has toured the United States and played at the London Olympics in 2012. For this concept album, Sharam and his band combine to tell the 'cautionary tale' of the fictional Cox. Referencing various big names in music and the trappings of fame. It serves as a heady journey through the enigmatic hero's transcendental highs and tragic lows. In style there's almost everything you can imagine. Highlights include Jagged Lines, which is like a medieval band headbutting Skrillex, there's guitar shredders delight with Cox Is Pooped, the dreamy fifties overtones of High and the climactic Something Queer, like an aboriginal crossbreed of Radiohead and Massive Attack. In the journey we end up in one weird field after another. As The Walking Dead's Carol says when she is first introduced to the larger-than-life King Ezekial and his giant pet tiger Shiva: "I don't know what the hell's going on in the most wonderful way." Gigantic in production, well thought out and remarkable. For more information, please visit Sharam Gill's website.


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