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A Hot Lover Gets A One-Way Ticket Home in "Take That Train" by The Nied's Hotel Band

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

"Take That Train" is about the hardships of having a romantic relationship when you're in a great rock band

Who gets the one-way ticket home, your hot lover or your amazing rock band? The Nied's Hotel Band's new song "Take That Train" is about a sizzling romance that fizzles due to the hardships of maintaining a relationship while you're in a band. Listen to the song to find out if he lets the relationship go or if the band plays on without him! The Nied's Hotel Band is releasing "Take That Train" on Friday, July 15th on MTS Records.

"Take That Train" originated in the early '90s when guitarist Tim Hadley was working on a project with Ronda Z (who would later be a guest vocalist on NHB's "Day the Lady Cried"). At that time, they only had a general outline of the song and a title. The band split soon after, but the song stayed with Hadley for over a decade.

Inspired by Little Feat and New Orleans mid-tempo, funky grooves, "Take That Train" was resurrected from Hadley's memory and ignited by The Nied's Hotel Band.

Featuring a stellar lineup of musicians, the band included Ron Beitle, a powerhouse drummer with Gold Record experience (Wild Cherry – "Play That Funky Music") and Russ Oblinger, his equally-talented rhythm section partner on bass. The song also features a fleet-fingered, rock n' roll piano solo by Fred Delu in the bridge section, followed by a wailin' sax solo by Ed Jonnet.

The lyrics to the song were created by John Vento, singer/leader of NHB, who took the simple phrase 'take that train' and crafted a whole scenario revolving around the difficulty of maintaining relationships when playing in a band, ending with him telling her to "take that train" because it's over.

Once the band had fine-tuned the arrangement, they convened at Klint Macro's Cobblesound Studio to record the track. Hadley added his Lowell George-inspired slide guitar licks and Jim McCullough laid down some tasty rhythm guitar. The song was featured on NHB’s "One Night Stand" CD release in 2014.

Fast forward to 2022 and the awesome talent that is Jim Pitulski was coerced into creating a cool lyric video for the song as The Nied's Hotel Band continues on its' mission to spread good music and good vibes throughout the known universe.


About The Nied's Hotel Band The Nied’s Hotel Band, voted Pittsburgh’s “Best Bar Band” in the 2016 Pittsburgh Magazine Readers Poll, is a powerhouse recording and performing rock-n-roll and R&B group from Pittsburgh, PA. (USA). NHB delivers the hardworking, blue collar, muscle that has made Pittsburgh a legendary rock-n-roll city. A recent review by The Pittsburgh City paper proclaimed, “The Nied’s Hotel Band could be called The E-Street Band of Pittsburgh.” In addition, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has proclaimed July 17th as “Nied’s Hotel Band Day” in honor of the bands impact on the local music scene and their unwavering support of charitable causes.

The band includes some of the best-known and respected players in the region, including singer John Vento (who is, perhaps, the hardest-working front man around), guitarists Tim Hadley and Jim McCullough, plus keyboardist Fred Delu and sax man Ed Jonnet, who last joined forces as members of Pittsburgh’s most beloved rock/soul band – The Rhythm Kings. Newest members Eugene Perry (bass) and Greg McIltrot (drummer/vocalist) complete the stellar lineup

For more information on Nied's Hotel Band, please visit their website.




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