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Abraham Releases "Stay With Me" - A Rock Anthem For The Indecisive

“Stay With Me” narrates the struggle between staying with the promise of a relationship, and the life you are living now, or pursuing an uncertain future filled with dreams. September 4, 2019 (Boston, MA)

About "Stay With Me" "Stay With Me" is a debut single by Abraham. At the core of the self-reflective song, is an unbalanced relationship where one person gives more than the other. The inner struggle explores the moral choices we face when a relationship works in our favor, but staying may not be the right thing to do. The end of the song is intentionally unresolved. Does he stay or leave? The message is that sometimes choices haunt you, either way, and a decision does not necessarily feel like a resolution.

"Sleepless nights make me a daydreamer because I can't find what I'm searching for here." - Abraham

"Stay With Me" is available on all major digital outles and streaming services. Listen on Spotify.

About Abraham

After years of being repressed by a record deal gone wrong, Abraham is back with an independently released single in advance of a full length album. A mix of Kings of Leon, Coldplay, and a hint of classic rock, Abraham, fronted by Scott Abraham, is determined to bring back the essence of the rock trailblazers who inspired and influenced his sound. Prior to pursuing a career as an artist himself, Abraham had a successful career as a full-time musician, both in original bands and as a session guitarist. He has toured internationally and has performed for or opened for Taylor Swift, Willy Nelson, Better Than Ezra, Sister Hazel, and more. Most recently Abraham was a featured on Greyson Chance’s 2019 album release “Portraits”.

In addition to "Stay With Me," the band also released a live cover of Elvis Presley's hit song" Hound Dog." They are currently filming and editing a live video and look forward to an upcoming performance at the Boston Public Market's Harvest Party in October, 2019.

For more information on Abraham, please visit their website.


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