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AJ Mamba Releases - 'This is 30'

Hip-Hop Artist, AJ Mamba Releases Musical Ode to His 30th Birthday

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

On December 21, 2018, AJ Mamba turned 30 years old. On that day, he released his very first single publicly, "This is 30" as a music video on his YouTube Channel. Since then, the track (produced by Thomas Jay of Rotation Records in Norristown, PA & member of the rock band, The Things We Were) has grown into the spark of AJ Mamba's journey into self-reflective hip-hop.

"This is 30" serves as the genesis of AJ Mamba's melodic, yet unflinching style of wordy rap, inspired by a wide mix of inspiration by Jay-Z, Kanye West, Logic, Childish Gambino, Jonwayne and Mac Miller, while speaking what he perceives as his truth without any apologies to anyone that may disagree.

Now, signed to Estabrook Road Records as of October 2020, AJ Mamba is rapidly approaching his 32nd birthday. The re-release of this track under his record label is to serve as a reminder of where AJ Mamba came from, and the new music video released on 12/18, with the single, demonstrates AJ visiting various places from his past, including his childhood home in Blackwood, NJ. It was the first time (since 2006) that AJ was back in that cul-de-sac.

All with the idea of acknowledging the past, in order to move forward into the future. and with an upcoming EP release in late January 2021, AJ Mamba and the Hip-Hop world has a bright future to look forward to.

"I wanted to challenge myself. We are the sum of our cumulative experiences, year by year. All I wanted to do was have an honest conversation with myself, learn from it, and move forward with my head held high; ready to take on the next phase of my life." - AJ Mamba.


About AJ Mamba

AJ Mamba is an hip-hop lyricist, content creator, wrestling personality and actor based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has a Bachelor's in Theater Studies from Montclair State University. He is currently signed to Estabrook Road Records, with his 1st EP under the label scheduled for release late January 2021.

AJ Mamba has been creating hip-hop music since 2010, but only started gaining momentum in 2017, when he started going to Rotation Records to have his music produced professionally. Regardless, AJ kept quiet on his musical exploits until 2020, releasing music for the first time, publicly. He is now looking at 2021 to be a year where he releases a huge backlog of music under his record label.

As an actor, AJMamba has performed in over 300 productions, mostly in theater under the stage name AJ Dwayne. AJMamba is also the co-owner of Loud Stone Entertainment, a web-based entertainment company that produces podcasts, as well as video game, wrestling & anime related content on YouTube primarily.

Contact: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook



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