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“All That Matters” By KatieBeth Is Selected for BWH Music Group’s ‘On Peace Street'

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

“All That Matters” by KatieBeth Is Selected For BWH Music Group’s ‘On Peace Street,’ A Compilation Album Featuring Emerging and Exceptional Independent Artists And Songwriters Sharing Songs About Peace and Social Justice.

(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

About “All That Matters” by KatieBeth

“All That Matters” came to KatieBeth in a heartbeat. In some ways, it was like a scene from a movie except it was real life. KatieBeth was standing at the Nashville airport and a young woman pulled up alongside the road and got out of her car. The woman started to fidget with some items in her hand while anxiously looking at the arrivals screen and her watch. A couple minutes later, a soldier in camo greens came rushing out. He dropped his bag on the floor and they hugged like they hadn’t seen each other in ages.

In that touching moment all that KatieBeth saw was “in that moment, it's all that matters.” KatieBeth quickly found something to write on and wrote that line down. She states, "The song wrote itself."

"Here and Now is All That Matters” – KatieBeth

The song's messages include: Live in the moment. Cherish what matters most. Love who you love. Take care of each other. And never apologize for being patriotic. "All That Matters" is dedicated to all the troops who have fought overseas and all who have lost their lives in battle.

“All gave some, but some gave all” – Howard William Osterkamp, Korean War Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient

"All That Matters" was written by KatieBeth and Gary Banach, the song is performed by KatieBeth,

Noll Merz, Ryan Cartwright, Oscar Ramos, Matt Aho, Jack Kammien, Lee Turner, and Gary Banach.

About KatieBeth

Since 2004 KatieBeth has been rocking it out in WI, and TN. With a voice born in rock and roll and stained by whiskey, her powerful energy on stage and raw vocal talent is blazing a trail worldwide.

Every KatieBeth performance is like a musical autobiography of KatieBeth (the person). Her voice is a blend of rock and country. Her style pulls equally from her Wisconsin roots and her Tennessee years. Her lyrics tell stories of heartbreak, redemption, and hope. With every verse and chorus, KatieBeth unleashes the raw, uncensored emotion of someone who has learned life's lessons the hard way.

But behind her amazing vocal range, and beneath her "take-me-as-I-am attitude," lies an alluring vulnerability. KatieBeth is both soft and hard. She is just as willing to love as she is to kick ass. This contrast—this paradox—is who she is. And because of this, she connects with her audience.

"This is my advice for all the young people that are dreaming in their bedrooms, not sure of what to do to make their dreams reality. In order to make it in this business you need to be real, you need to offer something different, something fresh. " - KatieBeth

KatieBeth's music isn’t defined by a genre or a format. It's guts and grit. KatieBeth's music is rock that hits you in the face with heart and soul, and it has the down-to-earth story-telling sensibilities of country music. It is something different, and new. KatieBeth is in every line and in every guitar lick. Her music and the records she makes are dedicated to anyone who has a dream or wants for something more.

"Go out and get it, never give up, the only way you’ll ever achieve it is if you “Believe.” Follow your gut always, don’t bend on the things you truly believe in, always strive to be better, and in the end have faith that everything happens for a reason, it will all work out the way it is supposed to, you just have to believe.” - KatieBeth

For more information, please visit KatieBeth's website




About BWH Music Group

BWH Music Group works with today’s best emerging independent artists to achieve common goals in sound and artist promotions offering Recording Services, Compilation Releases, Music Public Relations, and National Indie Radio. A sought-after post-production studio for emerging artists, “BWH Music Group has become synonymous with hosting some of the biggest and brightest young stars on their roster.” – Gas House Radio.


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