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Alyssa Messina Releases New Single - 'Born Again'

Alyssa Messina's EP "Born Again" To Be Released on Friday April 16th. Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

"Born Again" is a song about the impact that one may leave on another person in ways that have never been felt before. It’s a song about the discovery of true love, the acceptance of these feelings, and the fear and excitement that comes with it. The distance between you and this other person means nothing because even though they are so far, they always feel so close; they’ve naturally become the missing puzzle piece. These feelings grow deeper each day; like a never ending field of blooming flowers with scents that captivate your mind and take you to a whole new world of discovery. You can’t get enough of what makes them who they are; everything about this person warms your heart and draws you closer to their dreams that you wish you could be a part of. Born Again underlines the theme of hope in the sense that you begin to fantasize about how life would be like with this person. The ‘impossible’ has suddenly become the ‘new reality’ and there’s no turning back. You feel ‘born again’ because of how they’ve helped you to see the world differently. Life is full of surprises, and this, by far, has been the most beautiful and life changing one for me. It’s true when I say that, “he makes me feel Born Again.”

"Born Again" is the first song on Alyssa Messina's upcoming EP which will be available on all streaming platforms: Friday April 16th 2021! Alyssa Messina also claims that when she began to write "Born Again" she knew that it was the beginning of a new album for her!

"The feelings and emotions that I felt at the time, needed to be written about, and I am SO GLAD that I did! I knew it was the start of something great..." -Alyssa.

Alyssa is extremely excited for her fans to hear her upcoming EP, which she feels is an "opening" and "acceptance" of her life changing in the most amazing ways. She'd like to give a huge THANK YOU to Adriano Loparco from Stone Roof Studio's for recording, mixing/mastering "Born Again" as well as her upcoming EP:

"He literally went on every emotional roller coaster ride with me, and it was such a blast working on this record with him!"

You got a piece of Alyssa Messina's heart with "Born Again" and now she cannot wait to share the rest of it with you very soon...

"It's what you’re doin to me

You make me see so differently

And I can’t get enough of you, yeah

You make me feel so alive

The touch of your hands

Holding me tight

And you’re makin me feel

Born again"

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About Alyssa Messina

Alyssa Messina is a Canadian singer/songwriter from Toronto, Ontario with a passion for understanding the importance of lyrics, melody, and the emotional connection that music brings to her. Specializing in writing, singing, and producing Electro-Pop/Chill-Pop music, it is with her beautiful, raw and angelic voice that she can connect with her audiences by being able to bring the lyrics to life in any song she performs. Alyssa Messina was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Growing up, she had been exposed to music at a very young age which only continued to instill her love and passion for it. Singers such as Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Elton John, John Mayer, and Adele, have inspired her to continue to pursue her love for music.

Alyssa Messina began singing at the age of 5 and by the age of 16, she began to write her music. Among her many musical endeavors, she also took part in competitions that helped build her craft such as “Canadian Idol” back in 2006, Since 2009, she began managing her Youtube channel, specializing in theatrical performances and covers. Alyssa Messina’s hard work and dedication to music have led her to record her music. Her single “Thinking of You” (released June 2020 on Youtube) had performed extremely well with currently 100,000 plus views to date! It wasn’t until then when she officially became a certified artist on all streaming platforms. Alyssa Messina’s fans from across the globe had become intrigued by her music and songwriting, which led to her connect, and work with international artists. Alyssa Messina’s recent feature, “Good Things Could Fall Apart” with Italian singer/songwriter Jamecellow (released September 2020) excited her fans and left new listeners interested in her music. Shortly after that, Alyssa Messina released her second single “Contagious” (released September 2020) as well as her third single “Heartbeat” (released November 2020) Her passion for writing music that can emotionally connect with her listeners is evident.

Currently, her recent cover release, “California” (released February 2021 on her Youtube channel) and other features such as, “Suddenly Us” (released December 2019) and “All For the Fight” (released August 2020) with metal rock band Kalyptra showcase a different side to her voice, bringing light her unique versatility as a singer. With her originality and creativity, international audiences have become attracted to her unique voice. Alyssa Messina’s new single, “Born Again” has recently been released on all streaming platforms, and is excited to announce that her EP “Born Again” will be released on Friday, April 16th. As Alyssa Messina continues to pursue her career in music, she is an emerging artist that you’d want to keep a close eye on.

Contact: Alyssa Messina



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