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American Folk-Pop Duo Phoenix Strikes a Chord with New Single 'Calamity Blues'

A song for our times - for all times.

Salem, Oregon – American folk-pop sensation Phoenix, composed of award-winning songwriters Tim and Kathy Crosby, is back with a sensational new single titled 'Calamity Blues.' This heartfelt song, penned and sung by Tim Crosby, adds a ray of hope in a world grappling with uncertainty. 'Calamity Blues' is a spirited country-blues anthem that resonates with listeners across the political spectrum, delivering a powerful message of unity. Following the successful release of their critically acclaimed album 'Viewpoint,' Phoenix continues to make waves in the music industry with 'Calamity Blues.' The song has already garnered recognition, receiving a prestigious bronze award at the Global Music Awards and securing a finalist spot at the Intercontinental Music Awards. It's a timeless message that transcends borders and boundaries, reminding us all of the power of music to unite.

Lyrics from 'Calamity Blues':

"It's a cocked hat, boys, we gotta find a better way There's a crisis on the left hand, scandal on the right Open your eyes, you blind men, an elephant's in the room It's a cocked hat, boys, but love is all we need"

"Calamity Blues" is available on all major streaming platforms, open for terrestrial radio airplay, and will be featured during Phoenix's upcoming performances.


About Phoenix: Based in Salem, Oregon, Phoenix is the dynamic American folk-pop duo comprised of songwriters Tim and Kathy Crosby. With over two decades of musical collaboration, they have consistently impressed audiences with their songwriting prowess and engaging performances. Tim Crosby's proficiency on various string instruments and Kathy Crosby's vibrant personality and piano expertise make Phoenix a unique and captivating musical act. To learn more about Phoenix and inquire about booking, please visit Phoenix's recent album 'Viewpoint' has gained widespread acclaim and achieved recognition with awards such as the Global Music Award for folk and lyrics/songwriting and the W.A.M. Silver Award for Best Cover Song ('House of the Rising Sun'). 'Calamity Blues' marks the duo's latest endeavor and is already making waves in the music world, with accolades including a bronze medal for Americana singer/songwriter in the Global Music Awards. As songwriters and performers, Phoenix's accolades include:

  • 2020 Global Music Awards Silver Medal Winner

  • 2020 Josie Award Nominee Album of the Year

  • 2021 Josie Award Nominee Duo of the Year

  • 2021 W.A.M Nominee Singer-Songwriter Folk Best Song

  • 2022 Global Music Awards Silver Medal Winner

  • 2022 W.A.M. Silver Award Best Cover Song ('House of the Rising Sun')

  • 2023 Josie Award Nominee Album of the Year (folk/Americana) and Duo of the Year

  • 2023 Intercontinental Music Awards Finalist (Folk) for 'Calamity Blues' and 'Look'

  • 2023 Bronze Medal Winner (Calamity Blues) Global Music Awards

For media inquiries, interview requests, or additional information, please contact Phoenix at



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