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An Interview With Eveline About Her Song - 'Celebrate'

Eveline specializes in pop music, and aims to become an international entertainer who gives people happiness and joy with her music. She has star quality, sex appeal, drive, passion, talent, life experience, plenty of creativity, and a unique musical and dance style.

The Indie Music Reporter interviewed Eveline about her song "Celebrate" to give fans an insider scoop about the song and what's coming in the future for this dynamic pop singer and entertainer!

What was going on in your life when you wrote this song?

I wrote the song "Celebrate" in the winter when I was sick with Corona. I was in isolation, the first two days were very difficult, I had a high fever and felt weak. During this time I listened to my favorite artists, among them: Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars, who inspired me to write "Celebrate". My goal was to create a happy disco-funk style song that would give hope to people. The words "good times ahead of us", gave me hope and strength.

Which came first, the lyrics or the music?

The words came first, I started singing the chorus in my head, the chorus sounded like the anthem that is sung in important ceremonies. It's true that I was sick and spent most of the time in bed and even though I felt weak the chorus gave me strength, and I just found myself writing the whole song. You can say that the words came first, but after a very short time the music of the song played in my head. It was a powerful experience.

What do you hope that people experience when listening to the song?

I would like people to experience happiness, to feel that there is hope no matter what crises and difficulties they go through. Good times will come and they are just around the corner. Plus, Celebrate is a super upbeat song so I'd like people to just dance.

What’s on the horizon for you? (upcoming gigs, recordings etc.)

First of all keep making a lot of music. So far I have written about 50 songs and released only 3, I really want to release more and more original material and make people happy. There is something to look forward to, I create diverse music: dance songs, disco, pop, ballads, rock pop, etc. Another thing, I'm trying to get gigs. I hope to perform in the US soon.


"Celebrate" to be featured on WNIR Radio

"Celebrate" will be featured on World National Indie Radio (WNIR). To hear Eveline's song " Celebrate" and other great independent pop songs, tune-in into WNIR's POP MUSIK Show daily at 10:30am - 12:00pm or 9:30pm - 10:30pm (Eastern Time).

World National Indie Radio (WNIR) is an independent radio station that shines a light on unsigned artists by playing songs by Independent Artists in all genres 24/7/365. WNIR offers 5 exciting programs including Pop Musik, Rap Around, Refugees of Rock, Roots & Wings, and Spirit & Soul. In between shows, WNIR spins the Indie Mash-up for a non-stop new music experience. WNIR is licensed by ASCAP and BMI. A division of BWH Music Group


About Eveline

Eveline is a performer with a great passion for music. Eveline was born in USSR and raised in Israel, and speaks Hebrew, English, and Russian. Eveline discovered her love for music at age five while watching the legendary music video Black Or White by the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson, who inspired her to dance, sing, create and perform. She taught herself to dance by watching music videos on M.T.V and then began performing at family events and school ceremonies. Soon after that, at 13, she started singing in a school band and at 16 started playing keyboards, composing and writing music.

In recent years Eveline has built her musical identity; she became a freelance artist and recorded two dance songs: "Waiting for the Summer" and "Something About Your Love." These two songs have music videos where Eveline also shows her dancing ability. Eveline recently released a disco-funk song called "Celebrate", accompanied by a colorful music video.



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