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Annemarie Picerno - 'You Know I Love You Right'

By Anthony Nguyen & Staff

Annemarie Picerno, a distinguished Voting member of The Recording Academy (Grammys®) and an award-winning entertainer and composer based in Nashville, brings her extensive experience and talent to the forefront in her latest release, "You Know I Love You Right." With a BFA in Musical Theater, specializing in voice (Classical, Broadway Belt), Music Theory & Composition, Dialects, Acting, Directing, and Dance, Picerno's versatility is evident in her dynamic performances and diverse musical style.

"You Know I Love You Right" exemplifies Picerno's ability to blend genres and create captivating music. The song's piano line is instantly catchy, drawing listeners in from the start. There's an upbeat feeling on the piano that gives the song a blissful feeling. As the guitar and the rest of the band join in, the track immediately hits its stride. Picerno's vocals are nothing short of stunning—soulful, powerful, and filled with emotion. Her alto timbre is rich and earthy, at once tender and powerful. The chorus is particularly memorable, with its infectious melody and compelling delivery. Bob McGilpin's lead guitar is spot on. His solos add depth and intrigue, complementing Picerno's vocal line. The seamless flow of the song's sections ensures it maintains momentum, driven by the exceptional vocals and engaging instrumentation.

"You Know I Love You Right" weaves a narrative of enduring love transcending trials and inspiring hope. Co-written with Trevor Layne, the hook is undeniable. Along with Picerno's bluesy vocal prowess, against a rich tapestry of Americana rhythms, featuring piano, guitar, mandolin, bass, and harmonies, the storytelling resonates with emotion. The lyrics highlight the importance of expressing love, whether for a friend, soulmate, family member, or even a stranger. The song poignantly captures the essence of connection with lines such as, "And the way that you turn your head as I hug you goodbye."

The production quality of "You Know I Love You Right" is exceptional. The instruments blend seamlessly, and the mixing emphasizes the most critical elements, allowing each part to shine. Bob McGilpin's production expertise is evident, while Picerno's lyrical prowess shines throughout.

"You Know I Love You Right" is a remarkable achievement in songwriting. Its meaningful message, powerful vocals, and superb production make it a standout track. Annemarie Picerno continues to prove herself as a formidable force in the music industry, captivating audiences with her talent and heartfelt performances. "You Know I Love You Right" is available on Spotify, iTunes, and other major music platforms. Links to the Single:



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