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APG's latest CD: "A Touch Of Fire" released

November 13, 2018 ( Lahti, Finland )

A Finnish artist called APG has released his latest full album of original material on CD, called 'A Touch Of Fire.' This melodic and poppy record gets your feet going and you will be humming afterwards. His music has many influences from the 80's and the 90's. From 11 well crafted songs you will surely find something for your taste! Check out some of APG's songs also on Spotify!

APG was born in Lahti, Finland. After the elementary School, he studied nine years in Budapest, Hungary, where he received his musical education. APG then traveled extensively in Europe where his experiences influenced his music. Eventually, he moved back to Finland to purse a life as a professional musician as a guitarist, singer and songwriter. APG speaks three languages, two of them are native. He is greatly inspired by the love he has for his beautiful 3 year old daughter.


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