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Artie Tobia Releases New Singalong Holiday Song - “It’s Christmas Time”

It's Christmas Time” Captures a Traditional Christmas Carol in a New Song for All Generations, Young And Old

(Wykagyl Station, New York)

It is never easy to break into the traditional music scene but “It's Christmas Time” may be an exception. For roots rock/Americana artist Artie Tobia, the song is a bit of a departure, demonstrating the artist's ability to brilliantly navigate the traditional holiday genre with his soon to be Christmas classic.

"Listening to ‘It's Christmas Time’ immediately invoked memories of the Christmas season with family. You know that feeling; it was back when you were a kid and there was magic in the smell of food, pine-trees and the sound of holiday classics playing into the hours of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning." - Nora Culpepper (Santa's helper)

Painting a vivid picture of a house decorated and ready for the big man’s arrival, the song will have listeners singing along with holiday cheer. While listening to the song, Kids can imagine coming down the stairs wide-eyed and joy-filled parents can feel the spirit of Christmas morning. The special guest appearance of Santa's elves from the workshop is an unexpected and delightful surprise. The song finishes with hardy "ho ho hos" from Santa. The song makes you feel as nostalgic as warm home-baked cookies fresh from the oven and a cold glass of milk.

Please check out the video o 'It's Christmas Time"

“It’s Christmas Time” Will Air On National Indie Radio (WNIR)

“It’s Christmas Time”will be airing on National Indie Radio (WNIR) commencing December 1st through December 31st as part of BWH Music Group’s Holiday Radio Special. WNIR features the best independent artists in the world and is part of the highly selective and nationally renowned BWH Music Group platform. The Holiday Radio Special will feature original holiday songs as well as covers by exceptional independent artists. Station information can be found at National Indie Radio’s website.

About Artie Tobia

Artie Tobia has a career twenty plus years in the making. He is a storyteller with a voice that easily and comfortably navigates musical styles. Tobia blends elements of blues, rock, folk, and country to inventively create his own brand of roots rock, known as blue jeans rock. Amidst a tireless performance schedule that has averaged 200 nights a year for past 22 years across a variety of venues, Tobia has released five albums, the most recent one having been released in summer 2018.

Since he began writing his own songs, Tobia has connected to fans with original music that honors the artists who influenced him. His catalog of over 100 songs offers something for everyone. According to Roberty Barry Francos in The Quiet Corner’s Best of 2008 article which references Tobia’s second album Still In The Way, Tobia “would easily be sharing a stage with all those British and West Coast bands.”

“My writing took a turn on Chase The Sun.” says Tobia. “I really worked on my craft and continue to do so to this day. The semi auto-biographical tale of the Vagabond told over thirteen musical chapters took a lot to pull together. It also elevated my writing moving forward” he continued.

Chase the Sun is "a clever musical (and metaphorical) journey of the Vagabond… Tobia’s voice has always had a gravitas and raspy beauty to it, but on this album the storyline carries us through something that is thematically significant too.” -Novelist Mark Damon Puckett

New confidence and continued work on his craft paid off as Tobia released Aberdeen, which received a strong reception from fans, critics and the radio world. Aberdeen reached #13 on the AAA/AMA APD chart, debuted at #15 on the F.AR. chart, and also made it onto the Alternate Root 66 Chart. These national radio charts as well as other acknowledgments have opened a lot of doors and opportunities for Tobia. Tobia's fifth CD, Driven, looks to capitalize on the foundation and success of all four previous records and perhaps gain him some of the industry recognition he seems to be driving toward. For more information on Artie Tobia, please visit his website.

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About BWH Music Group

BWH Music Group works with today's best emerging independent artists to achieve common goals in sound and artist promotions offering Recording Services, Compilation Releases, Music Public Relations, and National Indie Radio. A sought-after post-production studio for independent artists, "BWH Music Group has become synonymous with hosting some of the biggest and brightest young stars on their roster."- (GasHouse Radio).



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