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Barbara Santora Jazz Releases A New Single With Attitude!

Barbara Santora’s new song, "Sassy Bluez" shows a sassy, fun attitude you can’t get out of your head! (Newburgh Indiana)

One day, when jazz singer Barbara Santora was simply walking around, feeling a bit snappy and sassy, the idea of doing a jazzy- bluezy attitude song came to mind and "Sassy Bluez" was born! "Sassy Bluez" is very special to Barbara because, although she has written lots of poetry and many lyrics over the years, it was the first time she heard a melody line for a song! From there, she shared it with John Michael O’Leary who helped her complete it.

“So Here’s a Super Serving of Attitude"

Take a listen to "Sassy Bluez"


About Barbara Santora

Born to sing! That’s been Barbara Santora since she was 3 years old. She studied classical and opera for 14 years, has a 5- octave range, has traveled the world performing, and never intends to give it up!

"I don’t have the music, the music has me."

Although she has done many genres of music, her heart is happiest doing jazz and blues. She prefers easy-listening jazz to progressive and gained a wealth of experience performing in Las Vegas where, on certain nights, she could sit in with some of the best musicians in the world. Barbara is an accomplished performer who has done 4 years of USO tours. This was a childhood dream of hers, and those years performing for our men and women in uniform hold some of her fondest memories! Music really is the universal language, and Barbara will always speak it loud and clear!

For more information on Barbara Santora Jazz, please visit their website.


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