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Brighton Strangler Launch Debut Album - 'Dancing Outrageous'

Dancing "Outrageous" is an energetic "punkish" collection of 11 songs about love, dancing, depression and incels.

(Brighton, UK)

About "Dancing Outrageous"

"Dancing Outrageous" is the newest CD by Brighton Strangler. The songs are simple but catchy, clean yet dirty, and most of all they are fun!

Brighton Strangler are known for their diverse lyricism. Their lyrics capture a full range of emotion and expression from comical situations to anguished laments. Topics and themes explore love, drugs or rock n' roll. Their content doesn't shy away from social issues, but the band never take themselves too seriously - they love to rock and roll and believe music should be fun.

“Treachery we want people to see. This city is scarred and it bleeds. It spits the people out into the street. To live and die where they sleep, And these are just the ones that you see. And you wonder why we are getting angry.” - Brighton Strangler

Check out the bands video of the albums debut single, "Dancing Outrageous"

About Brighton Strangler

Brighton Strangler are a five piece band influenced by distant memories of the Gang of Four and the Buzzcocks.As the story goes, lead singer Matthew decided to form a band after his singing was dissed at a party. He recruited Nick, Tim and Robert none of whom had played in bands before and started they started rehearsing.

Four years later, the band picked up veteran bassist Mikey. After losing their first drummer to tinnitus, Brighton Strangler arrived at their current line up of Matthew, Nick, Robert, Mikey and Steve. Despite their late start they are making up for lost time and the band's energetic and committed live performances are gaining them a following. The release of Dancing Outrageous brings their old punk energy to a new audience.

For more information, visit Brighton Strangler's Website

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