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Caitlin Rushing's "Mexico" Is An Infectious Summer Time Anthem Breakup Song

Caitlin Rushing's Song, "Mexico", Playfully Tells Her Story of Independence and How She's Loving Her Solo Vacation Away From Her Ex.

(Orlando, Florida)

"Mexico" was born from the real life events of up-and-coming songwriter, Caitlin Rushing. Inspired by a bad breakup, and some social media discoveries, the upbeat and fun song explores Caitlin's newfound freedom.

"I'm on my way to paradise, and I don't need a beach or a drink or a brand new guy. So when your lying in the sand, I'm soaking up the single life. Final destination is a solo vacation." - Lyrics from the song, "Mexico"

"Mexico" was cowritten and produced with Grammy nominated artist and producer, Billy Smiley out of Nashville, TN.

About Caitlin Rushing

Florida-born Caitlin Rushing, an Orlando based singer- songwriter, is anything but a small town player. Her song “Hold On You” earned the 2nd place spot in the ISC (International Songwriting Competition). Fans relate to her lyrics and music that penetrate the heart and the soul.

From the playful and infectious groove of the song “Mexico”, penned by Rushing and Smiley, to the lonely strum of the acoustic guitar on “Unsteady”, and to the dark, mournful haunting a of voice battling the ghosts and angels in her soul, Caitlin breathes a deeper passion into the state of life today, and no one in the room is in doubt that we stand in the presence of a unique and beautiful woman of melody and mystery.

“There hasn’t been a lot to laugh about lately. Things have been heavy and dark, and I feel really vulnerable sometimes. I aspire to be more honest and an open soul, letting go of all the things I might have been afraid to share because I stand here before you afraid”. - Caitlin Rushing

Listen on Spotify.

Find Caitlin's streaming and social media links - LinkTree

For more information, please visit Caitlin's website.



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