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Carol Martini Releases "Hit Man" Off Her CD, 'The Art Of Singing While Drowning'

Carol Martini releases a new single, Hit Man, off her 7th indie CD, The Art Of Singing While Drowning. About Hit Man:

The rock song "Hit Man' is about what happens when a hit record producer falls on hard times and what he has to do to make ends meet. This catchy song gives a nod to Phil Spector but is not about him per se. The song was produced by Daniel Martin.

About Carol Martini:

This prolific songwriter from Orange County, California has recently released her 7th CD titled, The Art Of Singing While Drowning. This CD of 23 songs reflect her eclectic style and covers such genres as rock, pop-rock, folk-rock with an edge, adult-contemporary. Previous releases include: The Story So Far, Piece By Piece, Modern Loneliness, The Rose In The Boxcar, Petals Of The Red Magnolia and Songs Of The Girl On The Swing. Carol has been performing throughout Southern California since the early 199os. She has worked (and continues to play) weekly in coffee houses, small clubs, book and music stores. Her performances feature acoustic guitar versions of her original songs as well as her warm rapport with audiences.

For more information on Carol Martini, please visit her website


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