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Casey Ahern Releases New Single - 'Just A Dance'

Casey Ahern Releases "Just A Dance" In Advance of 5-song EP 'Where I Run' October 1, 2019 (Nashville, TN)

About 'Just A Dance'

"Just a Dance" is a wistful and gentle ballad that features Casey Ahern on vocals, Tim Galloway on acoustic guitar, Kris Donegan on electric guitar, Lee Hendricks on bass, David Dorn on keys, Matt King on drums, Eamon McLoughlin on violin, and background vocals by Kaci Bolls. The song was produced and mixed by Nathan Meckel and Mark Niemiec, mastered by Jim DeMain,

Looking back on it now, the night that inspired me to write "Just A Dance" was like a scene out of a movie. Every summer, my family and I go to a county fair that has a different concert each night, a carnival, and even pig races! After a concert one night, I was at the outdoor country bar, dance hall type area, and some guy caught me off-guard and grabbed my hand, leading me onto the dance floor. Now, I had a boyfriend at the time, and this guy was not him. The dance we shared was innocent, but afterwards I remember telling my mom how incredibly guilty I felt. She replied, "It was just a dance," and those words sparked the title of my new single.

About Casey Ahern’s Upcoming EP, ‘Where I Run’

Casey Ahern’s upcoming EP, ‘Where I Run,’ is the highly anticipated follow-up to her 2018 EP ‘He Was Summer.’ Off the successful EP, the single “Indio” garnished over 81,000 streams on Spotify and the title track has nearly 50,000.

Casey has returned to her old stomping grounds in Nashville to record at Sound Emporium Studios with a powerhouse ensemble of veteran Music City musicians – guitarists Tim Galloway (Josh Turner, Luke Bryan) and Kris Donegan (Brett Eldredge, Shania Twain), bassist Lee Hendricks (Eric Church), keyboardist David Dorn (Tim McGraw, Kelsea Ballerini), drummer Matt King (Maren Morris, Brothers Osborne) and two-time Grammy nominated violinist Eamon McLoughlin (Rodney Crowell, The Band Perry). ‘Where I Run’ was produced by the veteran production team of Nathan Meckel and Mark Niemiec, collectively known as The Buzz Brothers.

“This was my first time recording in Nashville, and it was an exciting, inspiring experience. We’re staying in the mainstream country vein while incorporating influences from other genres I love, including pop and folk and blues on the song ‘Heartbreak Radio.’ Nathan and Mark have incredible instincts and ears and immediately knew what they were listening for and what they wanted to hear from me. Before the sessions, I sent them work tapes with just acoustic guitar and vocals, with the chords, lyrics and melody there in raw form. They crafted the songs into tracks beyond anything I could have imagined.”

“Bradley,” the soulful country-pop flavored ballad that kicks off Casey Ahern’s new EP, is unique in that Casey crafted it like a romantic love song about a guy – but, like her trademark song “He Was Summer,” it’s really about a special place in her heart. The heartfelt, reflective power ballad “Didn’t Even Get a Goodbye” is a personal song with a powerful universal theme many people can relate to – those moments where time doesn’t allow us this special moment. The moment-in-time ballad “Just a Dance” is about a dance with a stranger leading to doubts about a relationship. The final two tracks are the high-spirited up-tempo gem “Sunday Driver” (which reflects fondly on colorful road adventures she shared with her dad growing up) and the sweet, nostalgic “Heartbreak Radio” about her lifelong passion for country music and the way it has “taught me to love, to hurt” and find comfort in its minor chords and often sad lyrics.

“As the title of 'Where I Run' hints at, I am definitely constantly on the go, pursuing my dream and all the musical and other adventures that come my way.“Yet I am also very grounded in the sense that I have a strong sense of who I am as a person and artist, have a strong moral compass and am in tune with what I want to achieve in life and music. I strongly believe that life is what you make it, and where there’s determination, great things can happen. I am a spontaneous person by nature and love change, so embracing the unknown and seeing where the journey takes me from here is really exciting.”

About Casey Ahern:

A vibrant and fearless free spirit who approaches opportunities and challenges with equal intensity, Casey’s life is by design one of perpetual forward motion.

The 20-year-old SoCal based singer songwriter chose ‘Where I Run’ as the title of her latest EP not simply because the theme of quick, energizing movement inhabits most of the five tracks, but to reflect the exciting reality that, in her own words, “I’m a runner.” In addition to running, and to the delight of a multitude of Instagram followers, Casey is also a licensed pilot who shares her adventures in the skies and the sense of freedom and escape she finds with her wings!

At 17, the fast-emerging SoCal based indie singer-songwriter moved on a whim to study for a semester at Berklee College of Music in Boston. She headed back to California for a few months, then hightailed it for a four month stay in Nashville, where she played open mics at the Bluebird Café and Douglas Corner Café as well as co-wrote songs with various Music City musicians. As a contemporary country music artist, Casey’s stylistically varied songs and intimate yet quirky vocal style tap into an inviting throwback vibe that incorporates sparkling touches of the early 70s Laurel Canyon style – a little Joni Mitchell, a twist of Jackson Browne and the classic Cali country vibe of the Eagles.

For more information about Casey Ahern, please visit her website

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