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Chart-topping Teen Artist Hannyta to Release New Single - 'Fluctuating'

17-year old singer-songwriter and producer Hannyta to release dance pop single

Hannyta's new pop single "Fluctuating" will be dropped on May 21st, followed by a dance remix on June 3rd.

The original single is an intimate pop banger that tells a story about being unsure of whether or not to move forward with a love interest. Hannyta captures the battle between following your mind or your heart. The romantic conflict is juxtaposed with an upbeat, 4-to-the-floor, club-style beat that will make you get up and dance!

"I listen to my mind it says to let it go I listen to my heart and I just don't know You've got my emotions fluctuating The emptiness is suffocating" - Lyrics, Fluctuating

This feeling is taken up a notch with the Jerry Housen on the remix version, which completely transforms the record, replacing the more intimate vibes for an ecstatic feel. Hannyta's vocals shine with brilliant production effects as the instrumental leads take the front stage with stellar production.


Hannyta is a 17-year-old singer and songwriter based in the UK. Originally from Hungary, the talented young starlet grew up in Scotland. Having spent a lot of time with her Aunt in Florida, she has developed a love of all things American. After releasing a string of successful cover versions of songs by Idina Menzel, Rachel Platten, and Lauren Daigle, Hannyta released "Wildflower," her debut original Euro Folk-pop single. It hit Top 5 on the international iTunes charts! She followed up "Wildflower" with the "17" (MTS Records) in March of 2022, and it hit the UK iTunes Top 5! Hannyta is a semi-finalist in the world-renowned International Songwriting Contest.

For more information, visit Hannyta's website.



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