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Chris Mardini Releases New Single - 'Retrospective Outlook'

Chris sings earnestly, “And all the times I wake up, simply uninspired/I’m understanding now, I need to start a fire.” September 14, 2019 (New York, NY)

Considering his multitude of talents, ambition and the intense momentum Chris Mardini’s got behind him as he gears up to drop his highly anticipated debut EP, the 17-year-old NYC based indie alt rocker shares a most ironic sentiment just before the hook on his edgy, hypnotic new power ballad "Retrospective Outlook."

“Something’s going on," an introspective ode to a young man’s lack of motivation. He sings earnestly, “And all the times I wake up, simply uninspired, I’m understanding now, I need to start a fire.”

About "Retrospective Outlook" Chris Mardini has collaborated with Grammy-winning, veteran producer Marc Swersky, on his debut single, "Retrospective Outlook." "Retrospective Outlook" is the lead single in advance of his EP. With a thru-line that taps into Chris’ passions for 90’s and classic rock (Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and hip-hop (from NWA and 2Pac to Kendrick Lamar), the track fuses high octane, anthem like modern rock energy with lyrics that pay homage to the inspiration of influential “higher ups” in the singer’s life even as he knows he has to start overcoming challenges on his own. It includes a hard-hitting rap section with piercing lines.

“And I got all these people coming, I see the facades. I feel the pressure, it’s pressing and now I’m gonna miss my shot.”

Collaboration with Grammy-winning Producer Marc Swersky

Impressed by Chris’ deep talent, artistic instincts, earnestness and combination of being strong willed but open to fresh ideas, the two time Grammy winning Swersky – whose superstar credits include Hillary Duff and Joe Cocker - took Chris onto his prestigious roster. Swerksy is about taking artists like Chris to the next level, just as he’s done for other indie artists like Ashley Delima, The Chordaes and DR King. To complement Chris’ electric and acoustic guitars, Swersky called in some of New York’s top session musicians for tracking Sound on Sound Studios in Montclair, NJ – including keyboardist/programmer Alan Markley (Maggie Rogers, Deva Mahal), guitarist Vin Landolfi (Demi Lovato, H.E.R., Jonas Brothers) and drummer/programmer/engineer Alex Agresti (Bay Faction). In addition to producing, Swersky is also credited on bass and percussion. Chris Mardini's EP

Chris plans to release an EP which will include three additional tracks, showcasing Chris as an artist of great depth, a proverbial musical “old soul” who reflects the world he lives in an honest, incisive yet heartfelt way. Balancing seductive, moody atmospheres with a blistering rock hook, “I’ll Try” finds him taking a hard look at his struggles with finding a niche in the social world, his awkwardness at starting conversations with strangers and difficulty connecting with “a girl who’ll tell someone she’s mine.” Building momentum from a dreamy ambient beginning to a soaring power pop-hook, “Lost” tackles dealing with the harsh realities of a relationship he’s trying to save while knowing all along it’s falling apart. A sensual, soulful ballad and propelled by hipster finger-snaps and Chris’ occasional falsetto, “Skin Tight” is about empty promises and the notion of fooling ourselves into thinking that if we wait long enough, the promise will hold true.

The EP is mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons).


Connect with Chris Mardini

Website: Visit Chris Mardini's Website


"Retrospective Outlook" can be purchased on Amazon

Press Contact: Jennifer Allison Publicity http://jenniferallisonpublicity.c


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