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Coast 2 Coast feat. The Fantastic Gems Release New Single - "Only If You Want To"

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Coast 2 Coast feat. The Fantastic Gems Release New Love Song "Only If You Want To," A Song About Confirmation.


( Charlotte, NC)

About "Only If You Want To" Coast 2 Coast feat. The Fantastic Gems new single "Only If You Want To" is one of the stellar songs off their new CD, The New Ole Skool, a long awaited anthology from Paterson N.J.'s own.

A tribute to their musical roots, and in recognition of the community who encouraged, supported and shaped their musical spirit, the album features 11 great songs that fans of R & B,Gospel, Pop, and Jazz will love. "Only If You Want To" features Warren Jones on keyboards, synthesizer programming, clavinet, drums, percussion, and strings. It was written by Morris "Rocky" Whitaker and produced by Morris "Rocky Whitaker and Robert & Tanya Finney.

About The Fantastic Gems

The Fantastic Gems formed in 1968 at Eastside H.S. in Paterson, NJ. After graduation, the members went off to college, the military and new careers. In 1986, two of the members reformed in Washington D.C. as "Coast 2 Coast." They recorded and performed for four years.

Later, in 2016, The Fantastic Gems got back together to fulfill a promise they made to each other back in high school. The result of their reunion was the release of The New Ole Skool. The album took three years, from conception to completion, and was released in June, 2019.

Listen to the single:

To check out the album, visit the band on Spotify.

The New Ole Skool is available on most major digital outlets including Amazon.


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