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Deanna DeMola Releases New Single and Music Video- 'Worst In Me'

Deanna DeMola's New Single "Worst In Me" is a Song About How We Live in a Superficial World and the Pressure we Feel to Present Ourselves Online that is Not True to Our Most Authentic Self

About "Worst in Me"

"Worst In Me" is a record written by Singer/Songwriter Deanna DeMola and Grammy Nominated Songwriter/Producer Jimmy Greco. Written, produced and recorded at Soul Azul Music Studios in Whitestone, New York, "Worst In Me" is about the struggle of living in a digital, superficial society and the pressure that our most authentic self will never be good enough.

Human beings love validation. We are constantly searching for it, and for so many, social media is an easy way to provide that. Let's be honest, Instagram is fake. Everyone on that platform is not nearly as happy or as perfect as they like to present themselves. But perception is reality, isn't it? Being a music artist, having a social media presence is essential. It's basically your business card. Although Deanna is aware of this, she was tired of the toxicity that comes with being on social media. She found herself constantly comparing herself to unrealistic beauty standards, finding it difficult to not measure her success based on likes and followers. It was frustrating her that a place that was supposed to help showcase her creativity, was only amplifying her insecurities and self doubt.

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” – Lao Tzu

Deanna's goal with writing "Worst In Me" was to express that society and their standards are bringing out the worst in her and making it difficult to be accepting of the person she has become and grown to love. But the message isn't just for herself, she also hopes to reach others, specifically in her generation who too are struggling with self love and the negative influence that social media can promote.

Deanna DeMola's song "Worst In Me" was chosen for National Indie Radio's 'BEST SONGS of 2019' Radio Special. Fans can tune-in online at or by downloading WNIR’s free apps anytime and anywhere. WNIR is on iTunes and Android. WNIR airs worldwide in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the UK and more.

About Deanna DeMola

Deanna DeMola is a singer-songwriter from Long Island whose music invokes an alternative pop style in her lyrics and performances. Influenced by Billie Eilish, Paramore, and Halsey, Deanna's songs address personal and social challenges. A few years ago, Deanna began to struggle with depression and anxiety. She felt lost and hopeless, and these feelings only grew over time. Eventually, she found solace in singing and playing music. Music became her escape from reality; it made her feel like she could finally breathe again.

Although Deanna knows depression and anxiety are a life long struggle, she refuses to let it keep her from pursuing her dreams of becoming a successful singer songwriter. Deanna has finished working in the studio with Songwriter/Producer Jimmy Greco (Carlos Santana / Paramore / Jennifer Lopez / Train) on her debut EP, Under Construction. It includes 6 heartfelt original songs that represent her journey as an artist.

Since releasing her debut EP, Deanna released her single “Hard to Love” which addresses her struggle with depression and the feeling of being unheard by those around her. Along with the single, she put out her debut music video that hit over 50K views in under 24 hours.

The music video touches upon the heartbreaking realities of abusive relationships as well as the difficulties of gender identity and acceptance. Towards the end of 2018, Deanna released her single “Letting You Go”, a song about finding the strength to let go of an ex who caused her more harm than good and recognizing she’s better on her own. Her latest single and music video "All About You" has reached over 77k views on YouTube.


Be sure to follow Deanna on her social media pages (@deannademola) for more information about upcoming music releases, performances, videos, and more.

For more information, please visit Deanna's website.

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