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Devin Hayes Captures Our Hearts Again With "If You Wanna Go"

Devin first started growing his online presence by live streaming at home. Viewers quickly fell in love with his voice and personality and looked for other platforms to show their support on. Devin went from live streaming to creating Vines, YouTube videos and other various online content. His audience would continue to grow and soon he would be performing all over the world singing on as many tours as his schedule would allow.

In 2017 Devin felt as if his career was plateauing and began considering other life paths. On the verge of giving up Devin received an email that would change his life. In 2017 Devin appeared on the new reality series Boyband on ABC. Devin progressed all the way to the top 9 before being eliminated. Although he did not win the show it gave him the confidence he needed to continue following his dream. He began transitioning from a social media personality to a respected artist.

Now in 2018 Devin has followed his dream of moving to Los Angeles to pursue music as his career. He started off the year opening for Jake Miller on his "Hit and Run" tour all across North America. He recently released his debut album "The Mind's Diary" and is currently working on new music and projects. He is excited to have released "If You Wanna Go", which is now available for streaming.


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