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Devonte LaFleur Releases "Don't Give Up"

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Devonte LaFleur's "Don't Give Up" is a Dark Reminder to Never Lose Hope

(New Orleans, LA & Worldwide)

From the Album Pain & Suffering, published by Indie Delta Gold Media. LaFleur's single "Don't Give Up" was co-produced at the Marigny Studios by Devonte with Rick G. Nelson (Afghan Wigs, Polyphonic Spree, Gutter Twins, released in May of 2021 and released in February of 2022.

No stranger to struggle and loss, DeVonte invokes a sense of lyrical melancholy, perseverance and resilience in his music, as characterized in his first single Don’t Give Up. Check out Devonte's new single and more on the following platforms:

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About Devonte LaFleur

When it comes to making music, LaFleur has done it all - from on-stage performance to sound engineering - but he always comes back to his first love: songwriting.

Touring since high school, LaFleur draws on inspiration as varied as The War on Drugs, Randy Newman, Chris Isaac, Billy Corgan, Bob Dylan and Southern Rock and Blues, while adding his own signature grit and smoky vulnerability.

LaFleur is an EMI alumnus, and has worked with such esteemed producers as Grammy winning producers Rick G. Nelson, Bruce Witkin and Ryan Dorn. As well as performed with Grammy winning artists Sean Ardoin, Jo-El Sonnier, and Don Rollins.

Born and raised in Lake Charles, LaFleur spent years honing his musical genius in Louisiana, Nashville, Jackson and Hattiesburg, before returning to his LA roots. He now lives in New Orleans, where he continues to slay demons without giving up.



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