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“Dueños de Aquí” By Labán Is Selected for BWH Music Group’s ‘On Peace Street’

“Dueños de Aquí” By Labán Is Selected For BWH Music Group’s ‘On Peace Street,’ A Compilation Album Featuring Emerging and Exceptional Independent Artists And Songwriters Sharing Songs About Peace and Social Justice.

(Tijuana, Mexico)

About “Dueños de Aquí” By Labán

"Dueños de Aquí" is the first single of latin artist Labán's forthcoming album, Todos Somos Dueños de Aquí. It is a protest song against corruption, impunity and extreme income inequality. Musically, "Dueños de Aquí" is a mix of soft rock, RnB, jazz and funk.

"Embrace consciousness and act in consequence." - Labán.

"Dueños de Aquí" was inspired by the current social and political climate in Mexico. The video refers to multiple events related to the themes of the song.

About Labán

Labán is a Mexican singer-songwriter who is based out of Tijuana in Mexico City. Labán credits his upbringing for his passion for humanism and social entrepreneurship; his parents, both social activists and a graphic artist, instilled a sense of social responsibility early on. From the age of 3, Labán showed a great interest in music and began studying the violin. Today, he is a songwriter, musician and producer.

Labán's first album Todos Somos Dueños de Aquí is soon to be released. The principle of respect for human life is part of the album’s concept and a central idea and each song is associated with a vital part of the human body. The function of each part is related to the song’s intention. Jazz, Pop, RnB, Funk and Rock are the vibes on this album. The lyrical content goes from protest against corruption, impunity, extreme income inequality and violence to frustration and existential crisis to love relationships and friendship. Four singles are out, Dueños de Aquí, Quién da Más, Para ti and Acércate.

For more information, please visit Labán's website.




About BWH Music Group

BWH Music Group works with today's best emerging independent artists to achieve common goals in sound and artist promotions offering Recording Services, Compilation Releases, Music Public Relations, and National Indie Radio. A sought-after post-production studio for independent artists, "BWH Music Group has become synonymous with hosting some of the biggest and brightest young stars on their roster."- (GasHouse Radio). “

“Dueños de Aquí” By Labán

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