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“Fake It” by Erich Mrak Is Selected For BWH Music Group's That Summer, Volume 2

(Boston, MA) BWH Music Group Announces Erich Mrak’s Song “Fake It” Has Been Selected for ‘That Summer, Volume 2’, A Sizzling Summer Compilation Album That Features Best Independent Artists in the World. About “Fake It”

“Fake It” is an experimental pop song that centers around events and memories that took place during the summer. The inspiration behind “Fake It” comes from the anxiety associated with difficult, toxic relationships, in combination with balancing two separate professions, one as a cook, the other as a musician. Erich says that the majority of “Fake It” was written by free styling random lines, and lyrics thought of while in the production session for the song.” The song was written by Erich Mrak & Bento (Erich's in-house producer) and fits inside the genre of experimental pop.

“I’m close to the edge of my seat like the edge is a cliff as I dangle my feet . I’m thinking of falling. but it’s not what I need. Gotta come back to center- take a minute to breathe” – Lyrics by Erich Mrak, “Fake It”

About Erich Mrak

Erich Mrak started writing lyrics at the age of 7. By 13, he had recorded his first full song. Since then, Erich continuously practices and refines his sound. Born in Ottawa, and based in Toronto since 2013, Erichʼs influences come from where he has been and where he currently is. His songs are composed over production that is made up of both pop and hip-hop. Erich's music offers an experimental combination of the two genres that colors outside the lines for a unique and engaging sound. Being featured in several notable publications (Earmilk, Paste Magazine, and GoodMusicAllDay), Erich continues to display his strength as a writer, penning songs that are relatable, with message.

About BWH Music Group and ‘That Summer, Volume 2” You don’t have to go to the ocean to hear the best songs this summer! BWH Music Group’s June 2019 release ‘That Summer, Volume 2, by Various Artists’ promises to be the hottest indie release of the year. This extraordinary compilation album will feature 16 songs by internationally acclaimed, award-winning, emerging artists in multiple genres.

BWH Music Group is an independent music firm specializing in recording, record releases and public relations. Please visit Erich Mrak's Website for more information


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