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Fervent Roze Releases Full Length Debut Album - 'Charm & Wit'

New 14-Track DIY Album, 'Charm & Wit,' by Fervent Roze, Showcases The Duo's Dazzling Songwriting and Creative Musicianship

(Dallas, Texas )

About 'Charm & Wit'

'Charm & Wit' is the new 14-track DIY album by Fervent Roze. Once a four-piece band, Fervent Roze is now a tight-knit, unique duo with a brand new sound. The album showcases what two determined musicians can create on their own terms.

The album was recorded in the duo's home studios (bedrooms)and on the road, in a Hotel room in Georgia, as the band hit the pavement for a songwriting tour focused to pushing their sound in a new direction. They call their home studio, "Roze Records."

The first track ," Stay Away" was the last song recorded prior to the band's change-up. Track two, "Movie Concept," represents the path "down the rabbit hole" moving from the end of "Stay Away" with strings and falling into distortion. This track is the beginning of the band's expansion into synths and diverse instrumentation.

Moving forward, the rest of the album is highly provocative showcasing soaring melodies and percussion driven beats. The use of synths, guitars, 80's sensibilities and sub bass lines showcase the band's new direction, breathing new life into their sound. Their latest single off the album, "Fears," describes how "we all have something under the surface, and with each decision, we come to realize the consequences. Who are we really?"

"If you were to try and compare our sound to others, it would fall in line with 30 Seconds to Mars,Twenty one Pilots, Nine Inch Nails, Billie Eilish, and Thrice. The song writing process was different for each song, but over all it would start with a chord progression. I would turn that chord progression into a beat. Then I would make it into a song and we would listen to the songs in car rides and at our studios and write lyrics to what we were feeling and what the songs were trying to say. What the instrumentals would make us reminiscent of. - Waylon Glover


About Fervent Roze

In 2012 a four-piece rock band was born in Setphenville, Texas. The members,who were students at Tarleton State University, played the locals bars from Dallas to Fort Worth and Denton. Gaining a growing fan-base and honing their skills, the band won the 2014 Wits End Battle of the Bands in Dallas.

Since then, the lineup has gone through some changes and today Fervent Roze is now a two piece rock-pop band consisting of PJ Ramirez ( vocals, guitar and keys) and Waylon Glover (drums, guitar, keys and back-up vocals). Today, the duo has a new impressive 14-track album title 'Charm & Wit' and they have completed 5 tours across country.

Fervent Roze recorded in Music City Tennessee in the past, but for their latest release " Charm & Wit,",they took a DIY approach and got down to basics, wanting complete creative control over the project to serve the songs core music and meaning. The album was produced by Waylon Glover.

For more information, please visit Fervent Roze's website.

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