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Flavourtown Releases Hauntingly Beautiful New Song - "Painting Pictures" (feat. Ashton Livesay)

Flavourtown Releases Heartfelt and Soulful Single About Finding Hope Where There Is None To Be Found (Fargo, North Dakota)

Flavourtown, the musical duo hailing from the heart of North Dakota, is set to captivate listeners with their latest release, "Painting Pictures" (feat. Ashton Livesay). Known for their eclectic pop sound and unique lyrical depth, Flavourtown's newest single offers a soulful journey into the realm of hope amidst adversity.

Comprising niche internet microcelebrity Lavender Schaffer and local constellation Orion, Flavourtown has garnered acclaim for their distinctive musical approach. "Painting Pictures" marks their first release since 2022's "New Shit," presenting a departure from their previous work as it delves into the profound and heartfelt nuances of the soul genre.

Flavourtown has consistently explored poignant themes in their music, as evidenced by tracks such as "November Rains" and "Broken House" from their previous albums. "Painting Pictures" (feat. Ashton Livesay) showcases the duo's artistic evolution, delivering a hauntingly beautiful composition that adds depth and diversity to their already eclectic discography.

The inspiration behind "Painting Pictures" lies in finding hope where it seems scarce, creating a melancholic yet poignant narrative that addresses struggles on multiple fronts, be it economic, emotional, or physical. Lavender Schaffer and Orion Holtz articulate this concept by metaphorically "painting pictures," decorating the walls that confine us even in the most challenging circumstances.

Lavender Schaffer, one-half of Flavourtown, describes the single as, "It's really quite nice. Something you'd listen to while looking at the sunset on a park bench, maybe a bit unsure of things now, but hopeful for the future, for all its worth."

"Painting Pictures" (feat. Ashton Livesay) is available on all major streaming platforms. For more information about Flavourtown and their music, visit their website at or follow them on at Flavourtown's YouTube Channel.

You can also listen to Flavourtown's music on Spotify by visiting Flavourtown on Spotify.


  • Written by: Lavender Schaffer & Orion Holtz

  • Produced by: Orion Holtz & Lavender Schaffer

  • Performed by: Lavender Schaffer, Orion Holtz, and Ashton Livesay

  • Mixed by: Lavender Schaffer

  • Mastered by: Lavender Schaffer


About Flavourtown

Flavourtown, North Dakota's premiere musical export, is the brainchild of renowned air breather Lavender Schaffer and fellow nature enjoyer Orion Holtz. Together, this eclectic pop duo crafts tunes of all kinds, drawing inspiration from the depths of their low-income housing experiences.

For media inquiries, interview requests, or additional information, please get in touch with Flavourtown at



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