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Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers Release 'The Things You Left Behind'

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

New York based songwriter Frank Migliorelli and his band The Dirt Nappers announce the release of their third recording, “The Things You Left Behind”, featuring 10 new songs from a band that has been called “a unique musical excursion into American rooted rock and soul.” (American Rhythm Music Magazine).

Coming off of the successful 2017 release, “Bass,Drums, Guitars, and Organs”, Migliorelli and crew offer up a blend of straight ahead rock and roll with plenty of country, soul and roots influences across the new collection.

“The last record was great- the reviews, airplay and overall reception was really strong,” said Migliorelli. It definitely had an element that resonated with people- that 60’s AM radio flavor. This time out the band dug in a bit deeper, capturing more of a live sound, by spending some time woodshedding and arranging songs. We even took some extra time this time around on the basics- not rushing through the rhythm tracks and trying out some different sounds. Tommy Diehl, who played drums, mixed up a number of different kits, and we recorded in a variety of studio and rehearsal spaces to get a range of sounds. Danny Weiss has a collection of Hammond organs at his studio, so we were able to really get an authentic organ grit across the whole record.”

Known for writing tunes with hooks, “The Things You Left Behind” doesn’t disappoint.

Last time around we heard a bunch of comparisons to artist like Tom Petty, Jeff Tweedy, and even Roy Orbinson'" laughs Migliorelli, "but honestly, that’s not bad company to be put up against-so I’m not complaining.”

The songs range from all-out guitar driven songs to soulful ballads, and acoustic ballads laced with slide guitars accordions and pedal steel guitars. “There’s definitely some Jackson Browne, The Stones, and The Faces in this just can’t hide from your influences!”

Here’s a quick walk-through of some of the 10 new songs:

“Take It Back”-a raucous ramble of an anthem to take control back from the scourge of social Media; ”Vagabond Shoes”-an acoustic traveling song recounting the memories of a Kerouac Journey; ”Only Here”-a plea for sensible gun laws in this country, penned after the Parkland Massacre; ”She Moves Like a Mystery”-a soulful ballad with a nod of homage to Memphis soul.

In addition to Migliorelli’s vocals and guitars, the album features Tony Tino (Gavin DeGraw, Asbury Jukes) on bass, who has been on all three Dirt Napper albums, Danny Weiss on keyboards (Joan Osborne), Mike Heaphy on steel (Steve Forbert) another Dirt Napper vet, Tommy Diehl (Acoustic Junction) drums, and Broadway veteran Thad Debrock on guitars.



Press Promotion: David Avery


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