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“Freedom” by Crooked Flower Is Selected For BWH Music Group's 'That Summer, Volume 2'

(Boston, MA) BWH Music Group Announces Erich Mrak’s Song “Fake It” Has Been Selected for ‘That Summer, Volume 2’, A Sizzling Summer Compilation Album That Features Best Independent Artists in the World.

About "Freedom"

From the album “Into The Light” (released to coincide with cannabis legalization in Canada) comes the energetic single “Freedom.” Angie (vocals and guitar ) wrote the lyrics based on a conversation she had with Dan (guitar). The two band members wrote the music together and brought it to the rest of the band to arrange - Daniel added bass and Pat layed down the drums and percussion.

The song talks about the drug war and how the police have become militarized in the U.S. Estimates range that anywhere from 45,000 to 80,000 SWAT team home invasions occur per year, mostly to enforce the “Drug War” or other victimless crimes. "Freedom" was recorded at Jingletown Studios (Green Day's studios) with their engineer, Lee Bothwick. The track was produced by Gordon Brislawn and Crooked Flower. Freedom is something we think a lot about in the Summer and around the world, freedom can easily be taken away.

Freedom "will make you melt with its wah-wah guitar solo and it’s hopping rhythm section. “Dang sings, “Thank God for the government, for taking care of me” with the conviction and prowess of a rock icon like Robert Plant. The musicianship is so god damn legit. Every piece from the drums to the wild guitar work and the foundation with the funky bass is perfect. - Alternative Nation

About Crooked Flower:

Crooked Flower is an alternative indie band that has released an impressive 5 LP’s, 2 EP’s, several Singles and a Video Album (10 Videos) since 2015. Their noteworthy output and creativity have gained the attention of over 60 press outlets including Alternative Nation, Pop Matters, NoHo Arts District, No Depression, Nashville Music Guide, OnStage Magazine, Psychedelic Baby, California Rocker, and many more.

The band has four core members: Angelina Dang (vocals/guitar/keyboards); Daniel Erik (aka Tenenbaum; bass); Dan Ingberman (guitar/guitar synth); and Patrick Shields (drums/percussion). For their 2017 tour for their album "Blooming", they were joined by Will Kyriazis (keys) and Drew Southern (guitar) who each have guest appearances on their albums.

At one point, all four members of Crooked Flower lived in St. Louis Missouri (all but Dan grew up there) and that is where Dan and Daniel first met. Dan and Daniel got together again, some years later, in Berkeley California. Patrick and Angie joined a bit later. Now,Crooked Flower is based out of the Berkeley/Oakland/San Francisco area where they perform regularly in the San Francisco Bay region and throughout California. They were awarded the "2015 Concert Of The Year" by Twirl Radio, KUBU 95.5 Sacramento for their September 2015 concert in Berkeley CA.

The band has been featured on numerous radio stations and shows. Twirl Radio, KUBU 95.5 Sacramento awarded "Too Broke To Fix" which appears on "End Of The Rainbow" their prestigious "2015 Song Of The Year" (in addition to "Concert Of The Year"). The DJ there, Mike Lidskin, is a big fan and loyal supporter of the band.

Crooked Flower records at Jingletown Studios in Oakland California (Green Day's studio), and has worked with Engineer, Lee Bothwick. "Blooming" was recorded at Light Rail Studios in San Francisco (After Jingletown had been sold), and the single "Tunnel of Light" was recorded at Expressions Studios in Emeryville California.

This is what an unstoppable band’s creative output looks like:

1. "Between Two Stars" (EP; 2015; 4 songs)

2. "End Of The Rainbow" (LP; 2016; 8 songs; incorporates "Between Two Stars"; videos released for each song) 3. "On My Mind" (LP; 2017; 8 songs; several videos, some released and others coming)

4. "The Moon, Anyway" (LP; 2017; 8 songs; several videos, some released and others coming)

5. "Darkness And Light" (EP; 2018 4 songs; 1 video -- 2 versions)

6. "Came To Me In Dreams" (single; 2018; 1 song recorded live; video released)

7. "Blooming: Live At Light Rail Studios" (LP; 2018; 7 songs, recorded live in studio; several videos, several videos, some released and others coming)

8. "Into The Light" (LP; 2018; 8 songs; several videos, some released and others coming)

9. "Legalize Me, Love Me" (video album; 2019; 10 music videos -- release in progress)

At this time, Crooked Flower is preparing for even more releases and videos of existing and new material. They will be releasing a second "video album" in 2019 /2020. Here's a sneak preview of their soon to be released video for "Freedom"

About BWH Music Group and ‘That Summer, Volume 2” You don’t have to go to the ocean to hear the best songs this summer! BWH Music Group’s June 2019 release ‘That Summer, Volume 2, by Various Artists’ promises to be the hottest indie release of the year. This extraordinary compilation album will feature 16 songs by internationally acclaimed, award-winning, emerging artists in multiple genres.

BWH Music Group is an independent music firm specializing in recording, record releases and public relations. Please visit Erich Mrak's Website for more information Crooked Flower's Website Contact:


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