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Gabe G. Drops His New Hit Song “Let It Go”

Gabe G’s New Hit Song About Relationships Is One We Can All Relate To

(Rockford IL)

Gabe G's new single, "Let It Go" was written by the artist five years ago. Gabe had been through a very toxic relationship; it was a difficult experience that many people can relate to. After going through the emotions and shedding the toxicity, he put his experience into lyrics and music.

Although "Let It Go" was written a few years back, Gabe just recently learned how to make beats which was the catalyst that propelled the song forward. In addition to writing the song, Gabe produced and performed the record. With this new found skill, Gabe was able to create the vibe around the lyrics and, after a lot of experimentation, he found the perfect instrumental arrangement to fit the lyrics.

The song stresses the importance of letting go and realizing what is adding value to your life and what is bringing you down.

"I’m letting go cuz, lately losses been out weighing the wins" - Lyrics to "Let It Go."

About Gabe G. “GABE-OLUWAGBENGA”, also known as @GabeGizz, is a hop hop, alternative, rap artist and producer currently residing in Rockford IL. Born in Brixton (South London), and now living in America, Gave has traveled the world for years, being exposed to unique music styles all his life.

"I would say it gives me a style that can’t be compared to anyone else. I like witty punchlines and infectious melodies. My music has been influenced by a wide range of artist and different genres. I was Born into a British - Nigerian household; my sound is a clear reflection of the various rich cultures that make up who I am. Pop, Rap, Soul, Trap, Grime, etc.. - I can do it all. My goal is to break all sound barriers because, why are there rules anyway? I WILL raise the vibrations of the masses through my music . I WILL go down as one of the greatest of all time. " - Gabe G.

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