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Gliffo Releases Hit Single "Get The Sun In Your Head"

Gliffo’s Song “Get The Sun In Your Head” Has Hit the German and Italian Amazon Charts With its’ Contagious, Good Vibes.

( Landshut, Germany ) Gliffo hit the German and Italian Amazon Charts with his debut single “Get The Sun In Your Head.” The song has been placed in audio demonstrations by the award winning HiFi developer Christoph Schürmann who has won 70 international awards in audio engineering.

Imagine this: you whistled a melody in your smartphone and a couple of months later you hit the charts! - This actually happened to Gliffo, a German newcomer, who woke up one morning with a melody stuck in his head.

He whistled this melody in his smartphone and sent it to a friend in Berlin who – as fate would have it – is a music producer. His friend and producer immediately spotted the catchiness of the melody. Soon, he created and completed, in cooperation with the artist, a rock/pop arrangement with engaging guitar licks; two house remixes were arranged for the Dancefloor.

The reaction to the song’s great hook and addictive melodies caught fire and “Get The Sun In Your Head” hit the German and Italian Amazon Download Charts. In Germany, the song climbed the charts to number 10 shortly after its release. Currently, at the beginning of April 2019, “Gliffo” had 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

The music video, also produced by Jörg Sieghart, earned 100,000 views in the first four weeks receiving rave recognition and positive feedback from radio stations, music blogs, music magazines and playlist curators. See what all the excitement is about and checkout the video of "Get The Sun In Your Head" below:

With its’ mass appeal, the good-vibe-song “Get The Sun In Your Head” has been very well-received by large audiences- it is no surpise that the first remixers are eager to create their own versions of this song. An a capella version is already in the works and a new single is in the planning stage. Fans eagerly anticipate Gliffo's upcoming releases.

Check out the Songlink to listen to the smash hit.

The best move is to follow Gliffo: Website | Facebook | Youtube | Spotify


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