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Haley Griffin Debuts Single - 'Ferris Wheels'

Wisconsin Native Releases Dreamy Debut About Ferris Wheels, Escapism, and Taking a Moment to Breathe.

(Oconomowoc, WI)

As Haley Griffin approached her unconventional 2020 graduation from Berklee College of Music, she did the only thing musicians can do during a pandemic: create art. Her debut song, Ferris Wheels, was the first song she wrote when she was 16, and with the help of her producers Philip Etherington and Charlie Westphal, the track has been brought to life.

With lush backing vocals and dreamy pads, Griffin expresses the magic of being on a Ferris wheel and observing the world from above. Throughout the track, there’s a steady prosodic nylon guitar, representing the constant, circular motion of a Ferris wheel and the world. Griffin continues this roundedness by having the piece start with the guitar, building to a climax, and ending with the guitar alone, so the whole song has the circular motion. Since Griffin has a history of studying English as well, she’s a sucker for metaphors.

"Up there You can see The secrets we conceal And maybe you feel free From what you feel" - Lyrics, Ferris Wheels

The single is paired with an original Ferris wheel created by Nvidia graphic designer, Hailey Westphal, matching the one in the lyric visual art. Throughout the video, the Ferris wheel is in motion while the sky sets.

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About Haley Griffin

Haley Griffin is an up and coming indie-pop artist from Wisconsin whose music focuses on authenticity and self-love. Originally pursuing a career in English, Griffin cares deeply about story-telling and quality writing. Her literary roots translates to her lyrics, laced with poetry and honesty. Some of her lyrical icons include Kacey Musgraves, Kings of Convenience and Billy Joel.

Griffin is a recent graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she held a vocal scholarship. Her debut single, Ferris Wheels, is coming out May 10th on all streaming platforms, with more music to come.


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