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Happiness Junkies Release Self-Titled Debut Album

Try a slowbeat in a fast world…?

December 5, 2018 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) Slowbeat rock duo Happiness Junkies from the Amsterdam area have released their self-titled debut album. The album contains 10 original tracks in their unique style: dreamy slow-beat rock; electric guitar, piano, female vox and a rhythm box. The album revolves around the vocals of female singer El, and the way Onno’s electric guitar and El’s piano entwine, backed by the sound of a steady slow-beat rhythm composer. The range of guitar pedals include an octaver to produce guitar & bass notes at the same time through a split guitar/bass amp setup. This way the duo sounds like a full band. El – vocals, piano, percussion and Onno – guitar/bass, drum programming, backvocs.

The 10 songs on the self-titled debut album ‘Happiness Junkies’ have been written, recorded, mixed and produced by HJ and mastered by Don Tyler at IO Mastering.

L.A. quotes: 'a very relaxing, calming album... beautiful warm and at the same time powerful voice... relaxed guitar playing; so much variation in sound, from crystal clear to powerful and magical!' (Andrea, Bruxelles, Belgium)

Album Track List: 01. Just Say So* 02. On a Tuscan Hill* 03. Happiness Junkie 04. Move Along* 05. If Not Wiser, Just Older 06. You Can Leave Your Light On* (new SINGLE, watch VIDEO on youtube) 07. Miss You Like Crazy* 08. Ow Ow (Space Station)*

09. Hold You in Your Love 1 10. And the Sunset *r

Website (More info, music, videos, merchandise, and more) Electronic Press Kit (EPK) (audio, band images, video, and more) Contact (Get MP3’s or CD for airplay or review) Artist: Happiness Junkies Album Title: ‘Happiness Junkies’ (available streaming, MP3 & manufactured CD) Independent Label: Commuse Release: 2018 Buy: CDbaby, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Tidal, Google Play…


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