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Harlym, A 17 Year-Old Singer-Songwriter, Went Manic During Pandemic

Harlym Makes a Speedy Mental Recovery After Slipping Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole

(Los Angelos, California)

Seventeen year old singer/songwriter, Harlym, was admitted to Aurora Charter Oak Mental Hospital located in West Covina, CA on July 4, 2020. She left fans wondering, "What caused her to be hospitalized?"

In the process of producing her debut EP, it seemed as though the world had stopped. March 2020, Governor Newson enforced a statewide lock-down in an attempt to slow down the spread of a deadly virus coined, Covid-19. Two months later, on May 25, 2020 many erupted in anger, fear and frustration, following George Floyd's unjust death, which sparked global protest amid the lock-down.

A federal emergency hotline for people in emotional distress registered a more than 1000% percent increase in April compared with the same time last year. "Nearly half of Americans reported the coronavirus crises is harming their mental health, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll". (Washington Post)

"The lock-down gave me more time to search the web alone, it's easy to get sucked into all the information. The viral video of George Floyd being killed intrigued me to learn more, so I began web searching more and more, about life and death, along with tons of mystic videos, which triggered my manic state." - Harlym

After slipping down a Youtube rabbit-hole, she began to question reality. Her father, Saba Nazeer, says he always warned her to be careful studying those things at such a young age.

While manic, Harlym's found it easier to flow and be in her zone, which led her to create some of her best music. "It was very magical and unbelievable. I've never experienced anything like it." Her sister, Abeni also explains. "She would sing fearlessly, which you'll hear in her upcoming EP."

"I just can't stand it but I'm Standing" - Lyrics from Harlym's song "Hate it Love it".

Writing and recording music is a productive way for artists to cope with world pandemics. Some would even call music creation therapeutic. "At the hospital, I would sing really loud until the nurse came to quiet me. Singing made me calmer." says the 17 year old singer. After multiple testings and screenings during her two-week stay at Aurora Charter Oak, the Docter concluded that her brain speed was moving too fast for her to handle. She was prescribed with Divalproex Sodium, and Quetiapine, medicines used to treat similar cases. The singer says, "Having a strong support system and family was majorly needed." Harlym is determined take control of her mental state and music career. Spending less time online, Harlym is currently finishing her debut EP. Lyrically, she isn't afraid to be vulnerable and express herself as she learns how to harness her gift instead of suppressing it.

Check out the music video for Harlym's single "Hate it Love it" from her upcoming EP

About Harlym

HARLYM is a 17 year old American singer-songwriter. She was born in Clarksville Tennessee, but moved frequently throughout her childhood from Louisiana, Washington Dc, Detroit, Florida, Virginia, and Baltimore City, where she spent most of her time. Her non-traditional upbringing motivated her unique sound. Harlym uses her voice as a vehicle taking you on a vibey journey through her mind. Using music as an element that transcends physical restraints, Harlym is not afraid to share her knowledge to enlighten the world.

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