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Heavy AmericA Puts a Unique Twist on Their Hard Rock Style With New Single - “Easy Killer”

February 11, 2019 (Boston, MA)

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the core Heavy AmericA sound finds its influence in a diverse blend of rock idioms, from the expertly performed progressive rock circles to the edgy and incisive sounds of alternate rock rebellion. Blend in a pinch of stoner rock, and the listener has transcended the run of the mill, stagnant musical forms that occupy a good deal of the digital music we hear today. Yet, Heavy AmericA manages to defy the conveniences of category, presenting an arsenal of sounds and moods while unlocking a natural ability to employ a fiery insurgency across the seemingly endless styles the band works within.

This act rocks, and by that we don’t mean in a PG-13 way.” - Skope Magazine

Heavy AmericA is: Michael T. Seguin, lead vocal & guitar Dan Fried, drums & vocals / Budd Lapham, bass & vocals “Heavy AmericA’s “Easy Killer” is a unique track whose elements suggest T. Rex and Mott The Hoople, by way of Queens Of The Stone Age. The result is sexy, adrenaline-soaked rock and roll. They’re out for a thrill, and this song is like the theme song to a wild night.

"After reviewing Heavy AmericA's new Single "Easy Killer", I took the liberty to check out their live performance just to see what these guys were all about. For me a band is not a band, if they can’t do a great show. Well.. This trio sounds like a wall of sound! The timing, punch and energy I heard in their new track “Easy Killer” was also extremely present at their live performance! I bow my head in great admiration of Heavy AmericA!" -ACT/ONE Magazine

“This song is so literally stuffed with wild attitude, antics, and stunning sound making the groove way too strong to possibly resist. ‘Easy Killer’ really deserves nothing less than an enthusiastic thumbs-up.” - Jer @ Sleeping Bag Studio, Los Angeles

For more information on Heavy AmericA, please visit their webiste.

Contact : Michael T. Seguin


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