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Ice Releases Debut EP - 'Fabricated'

Ice strives to challenge archetypes and the reality of society in her debut EP

(Toronto, Canada)

The debut EP for new pop artist Ice was written entirely by her and produced by Ethan Maac. Drawing on inspiration from the era of psychedelic rock to new age dark pop, Ice and Ethan created a new vision. The title Fabricated was a natural first choice for the EP title, due to the subject matter being based on the deception of society and love.

It’s been said a lot but not internalized enough - you should live life for yourself because nobody knows you as you do,” - Ice

This project was created as an introduction to the world, drawing on inspiration from different eras of life, Ice created a cohesive sound and colour scheme to construct an overtone that would draw all of these eras of her life and herself into one. The six-track EP includes “intro”, “not sorry”, “little white lies”, “queen”, “home”, and “taste”. Each track varies in tone, however draws back to the initial message. Each song is a preface for the next and takes you on a journey through the simplified story of her life.


ICE is Featured Artist on the Pop Musik Show on WNIR "Ice is currently a featured artist on World National Indie Radio (WNIR). Two of her songs, "Little white Lies' and "Not Sorry" are in rotation on the Pop Musik Show on WNIR. Fans can tune-in to World National Indie Radio online at or by downloading WNIR’s FREE Apps anytime and anywhere - WNIR is also on iTunes and Android. To search the app, please find "WNIR Radio" (National Indie Radio)." WNIR airs worldwide in 19 countries including the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the UK and more.


About Ice

Unapologetic; a simple way to encompass the new indie-pop artist ‘ice’. With sixteen years of music behind her, and nearly a decade of writing she is ready to enter the music industry with a bang. Drawing on influences from dark pop, psychedelia, and alt-rock she created her six-track debut EP ‘fabricated’. She can be recognized by her distinctive ‘aura branding’, viewing life, emotions, and music as colors rather than mere concepts. Her lyrics challenge archetypes that many girls in her generation can fall into, and pushes to fight against any preconceived notions of herself and the people around her.

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