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idylls - Indie Chamber Folk Ensemble Releases Debut Album on Vinyl

"idylls" is the troupe laureate of the (perhaps fictitious) nation of Mystopia. The project was started by Adam Black alongside long-time friends from around the world. Lyrically inspired by the works of ee cummings and William Carlos Williams and by an eclectic menagerie of influences from Steve Reich to Peter Gabriel - idylls paints a curious sonic landscape with all the warmth of home and marvel of the unknown.

The album "carefully out of Nowhere" is a debut release for idylls. Full of compelling arrangements and odd, yet endearing lyrics, each song will have you leaning in and offers a new discovery with each listen. A refreshing care and thoughtfulness is evident bringing an enjoyment that hearkens back to the days when listening to an album was a singular activity and experience.

"This band is one to watch and frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if the big media outlets get a whiff of them and turn them into the next big indie darling." - 

For more inforamtion on idylls, please visit their Website


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