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Indie Talk Announces "Spring Up" Podcast Special


Indie Talk Podcast's "Spring Up!" Radio Special Features Upbeat Music of Independent Artists

[Austin, Texas] - Indie Talk Podcast is excited to announce its annual "Spring Up!" podcast special, featuring a diverse range of independent artists from all over the world.

Hosted by Bryon William Harris of BWH Music Group, the special showcases music that embodies the spirit of spring, with a focus on new beginnings, renewal, rejuvenation, and rejoicing. The "Spring Up!" radio special features a variety of genres, including Americana, country, folk, hip-hop, pop, pop-rock, instrumental, and rock. The artists selected for the podcast are:

  • Scott Alan Savoy

  • Lewis Papier (Turfseer)

  • Sherie Davis

  • Happy Curmudgeons

  • The Bellwethers

  • Sons of Levin

  • Kristi Jacques

  • dogbeach

  • Little Perks in Paradise

  • Mick J. Clark

  • Katie Belle

  • Jennie Laws

  • JC

  • Rice

  • SnapDibz

  • M-EZY ft. Rice

  • Blow_flyy

  • SurferBOY

  • Grit's Guitar (featuring Harold "Grit" Vondenstein)

Listen to the podcast here:

Each artist brings a unique perspective and sounds to the special, as the host gives a behind-the-scenes look at the artist behind the music.

"We're thrilled to showcase independent artists on our 'Spring Up!' podcast show," said BWH. Our goal at Indie Talk Podcast is to promote independent music and help listeners discover great music that they won't find on mainstream radio. We hope this special inspires listeners and celebrates the energy of spring."

Listeners can tune in to Indie Talk Podcast's "Spring Up!" podcast special on Indie Talk at



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