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Indie Talk Podcast: "All You Need Is Love" Part II

Indie Talk Podcasts is excited to present "All You Need Is Love" Part II: A Global Celebration of Love Through the Artistry of Independent Music.

[Austin, Texas] - Indie Talk, the leading platform devoted to spotlighting emerging independent artists on a global scale, announces their latest episode, "All You Need Is Love" Part II. This distinctive episode revels in the timeless theme of love, featuring a diverse array of love songs across various genres, all skillfully performed by independent musicians.

Indie Talk Podcast champions independent artists, offering audiences a portal to explore exceptional music. "All You Need Is Love" Part II continues this commitment by curating an enthralling compilation of love songs from gifted independent artists worldwide."


Indie Talk's "All You Need Is Love" Artist Lineup [Part II]

Little Perks in Paradise

Hunter and the Wick'd

James Kennedy

Mick J. Clark

Gaylen Andre Young

Ben Hobbs Remixed by Catherine Duc


Mythodical Joe SnapDibz

Yola Nash

Mick J. Clark

Karen Salicath Jamali


About Indie Talk Podcasts: Indie Talk Podcasts spotlights emerging independent artists from diverse genres worldwide, helping listeners discover outstanding music not commonly found on mainstream radio. With a rapidly expanding audience and distribution on various podcast platforms, Indie Talk Podcasts stands out as a leading platform for independent music discovery. Boasting nearly 10,000 downloads and listeners in over 125 cities globally, the podcast is available on 15 popular podcast channels, ensuring accessibility for music enthusiasts everywhere.

The "All You Need Is Love" series is proudly sponsored by BWH Studio, a prominent supporter of independent artists, and hosted by Bryon William Harris, a fervent advocate for emerging talent. Tune in to "All You Need Is Love" Part II and delve into the diverse world of independent music by visiting



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