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Indie Talk Podcast Announces Episode With Francesca Londono

Indie Talk Shines a Spotlight on Emerging Independent Artist Francesca Londono

Indie Talk Podcast announces a feature segment with Francesca Londono. During this podcast, listeners will hear "Violent Breakfast", "Call Me For A Final Illusion", and "Sink" while getting to know Francesca through in-depth conversation.

About Indie Talk

Indie Talk is the podcast that talks to emerging independent artists from all over the world in every genre to help fans discover great music that they won't find on mainstream radio. Every segment is filled with candid conversation and great music.


Indie Talk Podcast Episode with Francesca Londono


About Francesca Londono Francesca Londono is a singer, songwriter, produce, and composer from Miami, FL. Francesca graduated high school at Idyllwild Arts Academy, receiving an artistic diploma in songwriting and is continuing her musical studies at Berklee College of Music where she majors in Electronic Production & Design and minors in Music Business & Management.

Francesca was classically trained and became fond of Opera. Francesca started to write songs when she was 10 years old, after her father passed away, and "Sarah Brightman" was her biggest music influence as a child. Francesca became fascinated with storytelling and creating alternate universes in each song she writes. She likes to draw inspiration from the emotion she's feeling at the moment, which is mostly melancholic and creates characters and a storyline revolved around that specific feeling.

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