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Indie Talk Podcast Announces Feature With Christo Mondavi

Indie Talk Podcast is the Podcast that Shines a Spotlight on Emerging Independent Artists

(Austin, Texas & Worldwide)

Indie Talk's Artist Spotlight Christo Mondavi has gone live on major podcast outlets worldwide. Christo is a freewheeling, hard partying rock & roll singer-songwriter with a heart of gold. Indie Talk is the podcast where we talk to emerging independent artists from all over the world in every genre to help you discover great music that you won't find on mainstream radio! Every segment gives you a deep dive into great independent music. During this podcast, listeners will hear:

  1. Midnight Mountain Climber

  2. Robert Louis Stevenson

  3. Silly Me

Listen to Christo Mondavi's Podcast here!


For more information on Christo Mondavi, please visit his website.


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