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Indie Talk Podcast Announces Feature With Patricio Loustalot

Indie Talk Shines a Spotlight on Emerging Independent Artist

(Austin, Texas & Worldwide) Indie Talk Podcast

Indie Talk Podcast with Patricio Loustalot has gone live on major podcast outlets worldwide. During this podcast, listeners will hear "Toxic Temptation" by Patricio Loustalot while getting to know the artist behind the song through in-depth conversation.

About Indie Talk

Indie Talk is the podcast that talks to emerging independent artists from all over the world in every genre to help fans discover great music that they won't find on mainstream radio. Every segment is filled with candid conversation and great music.


Indie Talk Podcast Episode with Patricio Loustalot!


About Patricio Loustalot Patricio Loustalot is a young Mexican musician, singer and songwriter influenced by 80's rock inspired in bands like: Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe, Muse & Bon Jovi.

With a wide vocal range and his skills as a guitar player, he's aiming to her his music heard all over the world, so that he can spread his talent and make people feel what he calls "The real shit without drugs."

He's also very inspired by showing other people that dreams can come true for anyone who works and is passionate about what they do. He has represented Mexico on international contests and has been an inspiration for many people already.

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