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Indie Talk Podcast Announces March 2022 'Artist Spotlight'

Indie Talk Podcast Shines a Spotlight on Independent Artists

(Austin, Texas & Worldwide) Indie Talk Podcast Link to March Indie Talk Podcast

Indie Talk is excited to share independent music you won't find on mainstream radio featuring artists from around the world in multiple genres. Providing listeners with in-depth information on each artist and a spin of one their great songs, Indie Talk's "Artist Spotlight" has something for everyone. The March episode features a mix of music that includes adult contemporary, Americana, dance, hip hop, instrumental, jazz, pop-rock, rap, R & B, rock, and more. Dive in and discover new music!


Talk Podcast Guest Artists & Songs

  1. TWOFEW - "Lips Blue"

  2. Blind Perception - "Social Media Queen"

  3. Dusty Joy - "Ha Ha Hysteria"

  4. Danny Strimer -" Let Me Be Your Sunshine"

  5. Beatrice Betley - "Upside Down"

  6. Michael Lemmo -" Blue Comet"

  7. RW Roldan - "Where My Money Goes"

  8. Roxanne - "Don't Break My Heart"

  9. Joseph Paul Brown - "What You Do"

Indie Talk Podcast "Artist Spotlight" special is available on major podcast outlets worldwide. For more information, please visit Indie Talk on WNIR Radio. Indie Talk is a division of WNIR Radio & BWH Music Group.




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