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Indie Talk Podcast Announces 'Power of Love' Special

Indie Talk Podcast Shines a Spotlight on Independent Artists and Their Love Songs for Valentines (Austin, Texas & Worldwide) Indie Talk Podcast

February is the month of love and Valentines Day and Indie Talk is excited to share independent love songs you won't find on mainstream radio featuring artists from around the world in every genre.

Indie Talk's "Power of Love" Special has something for everyone with songs in multiple genres including Adult Contemporary, Americana, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Pop, R & B, Rock, Soul, and more.

Today's love songs cover a wide range of topics from love and loss, to romance and lasting love, to self-love and messages of world peace and social justice.

Indie Talk Podcast Guest Artists & Songs

  1. Jennifer Porter - "Show Me Your Love"

  2. Katie Belle - "Lover" (Taylor Swift)

  3. Tanner Gordon -"Lose My Mind"

  4. Rick and Friends - "Sweet Jackie"

  5. Blake Dagley - "Milly"

  6. J.R. Wilbur - "Happy Endings"

  7. Peter Frank Santovito - "Beat of My Heart"

  8. Jay "Blue Jay" Jourden - "Ooh Baby"

  9. Estella Dawn - "Pretty"

  10. Iryne Rock - "What Love Is"

  11. Saint Brown Feat Mensha & Madison Willette - "Love Me Now"

Indie Talk Podcast "Power of Love" special is available on major podcast outlets worldwide. For more information, please visit Indie Talk on WNIR Radio. Indie Talk is a division of WNIR Radio & BWH Music Group.




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