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Indie Talk Podcast Features Kenneith Perrin

Indie Talk Podcast Shines a Spotlight on Spiritual R & B Artist Kenneith Perrin

(Austin, Texas & Worldwide)

Indie Talk's Podcast with Kenneith Perrin has gone live on major podcasts outlets worldwide! Indie Talk is the podcast where we shine a light on emerging independent artists from all over the world in every genre to help you discover great music that you won't find on mainstream radio! Every segment is filled with information about the artist and great music.

During this feature podcast, listeners will hear some of Kenneith's new songs including "Free”, “No Illusions”, and “Rip Run”! "Free" was inspired from a spiritual perspective. Kenneith is a Christian and a lot of his songs, while they may not necessarily be termed “Contemporary Christian” or full-fledged Gospel all the time (while he does write those), have some general underlined scriptural theme. "No Illusions" is about importance of truth. Kenneith started hearing about how today's news is not always accurate. Some reports are inflated while others are simply untrue and he was motivated by this theme of honesty. "Rip Run" explores the emotional trauma during the initial pandemic phase from burn out issues to having nowhere to go but stay home to reflect. Rip Run is an ode to those who came to recognize the dangers of just going and going' and finally stopped to balance their lives before their health suffered.


About Kenneith Perrin

Kenneith Perrin is a singer/songwriter who has a deep love for inspiring, entertaining and energizing his audience, a true performer. This smooth velvet voiced singer/songwriter/entertainer first hit radio airwaves with his debut CD, "It Took So Long." He is blessed with a voice that is as smooth as velvet and a drive to inspire. Kenneith is best known for his inspirational pop/soul styles and delivering passionate and high energy live shows. With his latest single, “No Ordinary Love”, Kenneith's notable eclectic blend of gospel, pop, soul and dance weaves and warms it's way into the hearts of fans and new listeners alike

Today, in addition to his fourth studio album, Blind Oblivion, Kenneith is thrilled to kick off the Blind Oblivion 2022 Tour. It will be the first time he will share his music with the nation on a consistently on-going basis He will perform a variety of events and venues including, but not limited to: corporate events; wedding receptions; birthday parties; churches; civic clubs; colleges & universities; theaters; festivals and concert halls. For more information, please visit Kenneith’s website.



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