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"Indie Talk Podcast Presents: "College Party Playlist"

Indie Talk Podcast Unveils "College Party Playlist": A High-Octane Musical Celebration of Campus Life [Austin, Texas - August 18, 2023] Indie Talk Podcast is thrilled to announce its latest electrifying episode, "College Party Chronicles." This special edition captures the vibrant essence of college life through a dynamic fusion of independent music genres, ranging from pop to hip-hop and beyond. With an exclusive nod to the esteemed University of Texas in Austin, the epicenter of musical innovation, this episode promises to deliver a sonic experience like no other.

About "College Party Playlist" "College Party Playlist" is set to be a game-changer in the podcast realm, offering an unparalleled auditory adventure that mirrors the excitement, camaraderie, and zest of the college experience. Hosted by BWH Music Group, the episode brings together an impressive lineup of independent artists, each representing a unique facet of the college journey. From the initial moments of orientation to late-night study sessions, and everything in between, the episode resonates with the emotions and memories that define the campus lifestyle. Featured Artists Indie Talk Podcast proudly presents an eclectic roster of artists who've infused their musical prowess into "College Party Playlist." The lineup includes:

  • Katie Belle

  • Taydem Shoesmith

  • Kendra Erika

  • Rice

  • Blow_flyy

  • Tanner Gordon

  • Mick J. Clark

  • Turfseer

  • Tiafeng aka Sunny Black

Listen to the Podcast:

These talented individuals have contributed their distinctive sounds, capturing the essence of college life and offering listeners a captivating soundtrack for their own campus adventures.

About Indie Talk Podcast Indie Talk Podcast stands as a beacon for discovering exceptional independent artists from all corners of the world, spanning a multitude of genres. Our mission is to spotlight on independent talents, providing a platform for their music that you can't find on mainstream radio. Based in the music capital of the world, Austin, Texas, Indie Talk Podcast takes pride in amplifying the voices of artists who pour their hearts into their craft, forging an unbreakable connection between artist and audience. Tune In and Join the Party "College Party Playlist" is set to drop on August 18, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a musical journey that mirrors the vibrancy and exhilaration of campus life. Whether you're reminiscing about your college days or embarking on this exciting chapter for the first time, the episode promises a fusion of melodies that resonate with your experiences. Don't miss out on this groundbreaking episode. Tune-in on any day or at anytime at For media inquiries, interviews, or more information, please contact: Bryon William Harris Indie Talk Podcast



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