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Indie Talk Podcast Presents: "Spring Up" Episode Celebrating Emerging Independent Artists


[AUSTIN,TEXAS] - Indie Talk, the premier platform dedicated to showcasing emerging independent artists from around the world, is thrilled to announce the release of its latest episode, "Spring Up." This episode will feature upbeat music by Independent Artists from around the world. Hosted by Bryon William Harris, founder of BWH Studios, Indie Talk shines a spotlight on independent musicians across every genre, providing listeners with an opportunity to discover extraordinary talent not typically found on mainstream radio.

As the warmth of spring begins to thaw the chill of winter, "Spring Up" invites listeners on a musical journey of renewal and growth. Featuring a diverse lineup of independent artists, this episode captures the essence of the season with uplifting songs that celebrate new beginnings, second chances, and the power of positivity. From pop to rock, country to Americana, R&B to jazz, hip hop, and more, Indie Talk's "Spring Up" episode offers a vibrant and eclectic playlist sure to inspire and uplift.

Featured Artists:

Rice - Star WorldBeat & Blogit

Sydeajah - Crooked Letters

Jennifer Porter - Before We Call It A Day & All I Needed Was You

Sara Rodenberg - Tennessee

Runaway Sky - Arizona

Todd Barrow - Rockin' In The City

Lewis Papier (aka Turfseer) - Josephine

John McKivergan - A New Day

Stephanie Bettman - Be Big

JuiceThaBlackBeethoven - I'm A Winner

Wayne L. Barrett - Can't This Be About Love

Mick J. Clark - Anuther Sunny Hulliday"


About Indie Talk

Indie Talk is more than just a podcast—it's a dynamic platform where music lovers can delve into podcasts, explore music reviews and interviews, and stay updated with the latest independent music news. Whether you're searching for your next favorite artist or simply seeking fresh and authentic music experiences, Indie Talk is your destination for discovering the best in independent music. Indie Talk is a leading platform dedicated to showcasing emerging independent artists from around the world in every music genre. Hosted by Bryon William Harris, Indie Talk offers a diverse range of podcasts, music reviews, interviews, and news updates to help listeners discover great independent music that they won't find on mainstream radio. Explore, discover, and support independent artists on Indie Talk today! For media inquiries, please contact: or vist



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